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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.


Why Choose Raffles Boarding?

Raffles Boarding, a program that works for every student. It focuses on preparing each child for life beyond the school’s gates. As Director of Boarding at Raffles American School, I desire to see children evolve. With the support of dedicated staff and a framework in place, we emphasize individual development. Through academic skills, social skills, and emotional intelligence we strive towards a holistic education approach.

One of the biggest decisions that parents will make is whether or not to send their child to boarding school.  Boarding school is more than just an education. It immerses students into a community that creates comradery, a sense of belonging, and an environment. It allows students to reach their full potential. Every student is unique and has exceptional skills, attributes, interests, and character traits. The boarding environment develops each child’s unique character based on their identity.  

Study Sessions at Raffles Boarding

Students have structured study sessions and regular progress meetings with staff. This gives students responsibility during their development. The staff has constant real-time updates with teachers. Which makes it easy for our boarding staff to help students with their problems along the way. The idea of self-discipline is stressed to our boarding students. The benefits of planning constructively for tests, assignments, and other school-related work.

Social Skills

A happy child is a child that wants to learn and expand their knowledge. There is a balance of time for students to interact and also have downtime. With this comes constructive downtime in the boarding house. The development of social skills takes place in these informal get-togethers. Whether it be BBQs, quiz evenings, karaoke nights, or even trips to the mall. 

Nurturing Staff

The emotional well-being of all students is important to the staff at Raffles Boarding. We monitor and guide students with any problems they may face. We work through challenging moments together. And look at ways to see the positive in all situations and learn from our experiences.

Our boarding program believes that all children should be exposed to a rich variety of environments and situations. Students learn through actions and mistakes. The key is to allow children to learn on their own. It helps them understand where and how to improve. They have a safe and supportive environment. Mistakes should not be seen as something to fear it is a part of the learning process.

Schedule a tour of our boarding facilities and meet our wonderful staff to discover how Raffles Boarding could be the key to your child’s academic success and character development.  

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