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Phone: +60 (7) 213 2638

A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

What is the Raffles Parents for Education (RPFE)?

Raffles Parents for Education (RPFE) is an independent, non-profit organization run entirely by volunteer parents and staff. As with our motto, Care.Nurture.Support., our mission is to assist our members and the broader Raffles American School community.

Our dedicated volunteers work diligently to organize various social events, activities, and information sessions for parents to enjoy throughout the year. Additionally, our organization provides a valuable point of contact between all parents and faculty and the school’s senior leadership.

What events and activities do we run?

The RPFE holds a mixture of major and minor events and activities throughout the year.

Parents Lounge

Are you looking for a place to de-stress? Raffles Parents and faculty have exclusive access to our Parents Lounge. Prepare to be pampered in our modern and chic cafe, providing barista-style coffee, cakes, snacks, and desserts in a comfortable environment with ambient music and stylish furniture. Mingle with friends, family, and teachers and let the world slip while you wait for your child to finish school or are waiting to meet a friend. The Lounge is open from 8 am to 4.30 pm, Monday through Friday on school days.

How Can I Become a Volunteer?

To become a volunteer and share your time and talents with our RPFE community, please contact us by email:

Apart from volunteering for our events, we are also looking for volunteers that can become mentors to new families in our community. These mentors would be of a similar cultural or language background that will provide helpful advice on living in Johor Bahru.