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Communicating Our (Strong) Opinions

AMBER MCILARRAITH /3rd Grade Teacher

Skills Needed in a classroom debate: Character/Interpersonal, Organisation and Research, Problem Solving and Thinking, Communication, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. 

We have a lot of opinions in 3rd grade! Here is a flow chart of the different ways we have communicated our opinions so far:


One student was so passionate about a school rule he wants to change. He immediately wrote down all of his ideas. Then he worked on organizing his writing. Which one do you think is almost ready to send to Mrs. Anita? (Shhh…she doesn’t know yet!)















This week we had our most exciting task- to prepare for a debate against Mr. Will. He won the debate by one point, but we will be better prepared for our re-match. Bring it on Mr. Will! You can find some of our awesome signs in Mr. Will’s office window next to Playground 2. Check out some of our pictures from the debate.


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