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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Spring, Mother of Eileen

I also want to thank all the teachers in the middle school department of our school, I also want to thank the teaching philosophy of this school, which enables students to have such a relaxed learning environment and give her more time for independent thinking and creative work.

MiYeun Shin Mother of Benjamin

Having my son in this environment is enriching him to build on character traits such as confidence, self-esteem, and seeking help when he needs it.  He is now comfortable with voicing his opinions and receiving recognition, not just academically but also socially.  He is engaged with his studies and committed to attaining the goals he seeks.

Schofield Family

What has made a big impression on us is the attention that the teachers give to each student. They can tailor their learning to individual strengths and genuinely care about their students.  Our children have loved the extracurricular activities because, as well as participating in them, they have also taken on leadership roles running their afterschool clubs.

Shameem Hassan

What has been most impressive is the curriculum and the teachers at RAS.  The teachers are friendly and practical, offering guidance where it may be needed and making themselves available for discussions.  The learning environment and teaching methods are relaxed and flexible; therefore, our children are more self-motivated and dedicated to their studies.  There are no additional pressures put on the students, and they love going to school, so much so that they don’t like to miss a single day!