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What is Explore Week?

Explore Week is an annual, one-week, student expedition held in and around the Malaysian Region. It provides Secondary Raffles American School students the opportunity to explore and apply learning opportunities outside of the classroom with the long-term goal of developing morally-invested global citizens dedicated to lifelong learning.


Explore Week is an extension of RAS’s Curriculum and Standards and is designed to challenge students to think differently about how they learn, what they know and where they live. This is achieved through exploration, collaborative problem-solving tasks, and guided tours.

At RAS, we believe the classroom is only one piece of the learning puzzle and in order to develop all aspects of the student learning needs to extend outside of the classroom walls and into the real world. There, students are exposed to natural learning environments where they are challenged physically and mentally to analyze, evaluate and reflect on their surroundings and their role in it.


Overall Objective:

The goal of Explore Week is to provide experiential learning in real-world settings.

Inquire ➞

Investigate ➞

Act ➞

Reflect ➞

Create ➞

General Learning Outcomes

All activities, both within the Middle,l and High School experience focuses on Problem-Solving, Organization, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills; all four pillars of our General Learning Outcomes.

Explore Week 2023-2024

Location | Janda Baik

Date | Feb 20-23 (Tues-Fri)

“During Explore Week, I was able to be in nature with my friends and was given the opportunity to try out hiking in the mountains and kayaking for the first time. I was also able to understand the surrounding culture by trying out new cuisines. My favorite parts of the trips were when we were introduced to marine biology and how we were able to visit historical sights and museums and talk to locals.”

– Jumana Raggam