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Boarding News Desk

What a fast-paced three weeks we have had since school started. I can confidently say that we have a wonderful group of boarding students this year. The new children have settled in well and understand the routines and procedures at boarding. Please always feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

We have had some great activities hosted by staff over the course of the last few weeks. We have had pancake making, board games evening, General knowledge quizzes, movie night, and even a Zumba dance class. Our activities are not compulsory, and we encourage students to participate in at least one activity per weekend.

I will share photos with you as discussed at orientation, Please bear in mind that we do try to get photos of all students, but it might be a case of a student not attending a certain activity or not wanting their photo taken. These activities are important in nurturing emotional intelligence and expose students to a wide variety of different skills from communication, team building, etc. These skills are all valuable in college and business. We also continue to emphasize the importance of academics and study sessions while maintaining an active life. I have told students that if they would like a tutor for a specific subject they should speak to me, and I can arrange it privately.

I will share another report and photos in two weeks. Hope you enjoy it.

“A happy child is a child that wants to learn and succeed.”

Yours sincerely,

   Christian Choyce, Boarding Director – August 29, 2023

 What a wonderful start to the academic year we have had at boarding. We have had a great weekend of orientation with new and returning students.

The focus of the weekend was to acclimatize students to the rules of boarding and to integrate the new students into our community through different activities and events. It was also an opportunity to re-establish our values and ethos amongst our returning students. We spent time on games that helped students to socialize with each other and taught students how to go to the mall in a safe manner. There was also time for fun like the pizza party we had on Saturday evening. Sunday was spent learning and understanding the rules and expectations of being a boarding student which is that academics and manners are paramount to being a successful student.   

Academic, social, and emotional skills are at the heart of the boarding program, and we aim to make sure that each child is exposed to various aspects that will help to mature these skills over a period of time.  This could be as small as making the bed in the morning or as big as preparing a college essay. No matter the circumstance, it is about creating a learning environment that will help your son or daughter become a mature young person who is ready to face the world.

One must remember that young adolescents learn through mistakes and experiences that will help them to understand right from wrong as well as build upon their character. At boarding, we aim to create a safe environment that allows students to have experiences that they can learn from. In a controlled environment, mistakes can be beneficial in the learning process If addressed and explained correctly.

 Christian Choyce, Boarding Director – August, 2023

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