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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Rogelio (Roy) Garcia,  Life Skills Teacher

RAS affords teachers a ton of professional freedom to experiment and grow as a professional. You get to build collaborative learning circles with dedicated and knowledgeable coworkers.

Cherie Norman, 4th Grade Teacher

My fondest memory of RAS is the teamwork and camaraderie between the Secondary school students and the tiny elementary students as they combined to do “Clash of Colors”. I loved how the big ones looked out for the littles!

Matt Tilford,  Social Studies Teacher

RAS focuses on educating the whole student. Students have many opportunities of different courses to take or activities to join. Teachers have autonomy to do what is best to meet their students’ needs and interests.

Lennart Van Vlerken, Athletic Director

The best and most challenging thing about being a teacher is shaping a child’s heart, body, and brain simultaneously

Megan Wood, Art Teacher

RAS is a family. Everyone looks after one another. It does not matter if you are a primary or secondary teacher. We all stick together. Having that support makes stressful times a bit less stressful. It creates a safe enjoyable atmosphere.

Megan Nenke, Language Arts Teacher

My fondest memory of RAS perhaps one of the triathlons and seeing students and teachers engage in volunteering or participating in this fun day. I also have fond memories of students I have taught previously who still stop by my classroom to say hi.


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