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Students who are 11 years and older are elegable for boarding. 

Students must commit to one semester of boarding. 

August Entry (first semester):

  • Must commit to a full year of boarding. 100% of the 42,500MYR payable in advance. 


January Entry (second semester):

  • Must commit to one semesters of boarding. 50% of the 35,000MYR payable in advance. 



Cost of Boarding 

See Below


(Fees are non refundable)

Fees are inclusive of food and laundry.
Fees apply for both weekly and full boarding. Students are permitted to leave the boarding unit on
weekends and long holidays.
If enrollment occurs mid-semester, the Boarding fees will be prorated acccordingly.
Fees include transportation to and from Singapore for weekends and long holiday breaks.
The boarding unit is closed for holidays one week or longer, all students must leave the boarding unit during
this time. Boarding fees include transportation to and from surrounding airports.

(Singapore Changi Airport and Senai International Airport)

Deposit is used for trips to the doctor, school excursions, etc. This deposit shall be returned minus the funds spent on the actives listed above. Weekend activities arranged by the school will be charged at cost with optional participation. Private lessons of any kind are not included.