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Rory, 11th Grade Student

Hello, my name is Rory and I am in 10th grade at Raffles American School, Malaysia. I joined RAS in 2015 when we were located on a fun but small campus. The new campus that we moved into in 2016 is huge and has amazing facilities. It has two full-sized gymnasiums where we play basketball, badminton, volleyball, and dodgeball, just to name a few. We also have two swimming pools, two football pitches, tennis courts, and a rock-climbing wall. I love sports so I join in as much as possible including any extracurricular activities like triathlons and football tournaments. We have a planetarium as well, and our auditorium is used for big productions like plays and ceremonies. The BlackBox (a free-space theater) is multi-functional and we recently held our Winter Formal there.

Tamon, 11th Grade IBDP Student

“I have been a student at Raffles American School for nine years. During this time, I’ve seen many changes and growth in the RAS community. One important thing people can experience at Raffles is the opportunity to communicate with people from all around the world. Although it is sad when some students and teachers relocate, it gives a very exciting opportunity to meet new people with different personalities and from different cultures. The small class size at RAS allows students to ask teacher questions, and it allows work that is fun and requires cooperation. The support provided at RAS paves the way for you to be what you want to be. RAS provides you opportunities to be exceptional. I will, and you should, never stop learning.”

Dean Wu – 12th Grade Senior

I have been at Raffles American School since 2017 and I have received so much support to make me a stronger and more confident person.  In 2019 I delivered a talk at TEDx in Kuala Lumpur, which helped me to be more self-accepting and overcome talking to large crowds.  I also joined the band and have played the percussion for 4 years now.  I feel more relaxed and experienced with my music so that I can read music, compose and conduct with confidence.  Today I’m now in my final year as a Senior and looking forward to the next part of my journey, which is to study to become an Elementary Teacher.  I am very thankful to everyone who has cared and supported me this far, and as President Obama said “Yes we can, yes we did, yes we can!”

Hannah – Senior Boarding Student

Living in a boarding school is akin to having one big extended family. As a family, we are always there for each other, both socially, emotionally, and academically. With the added pastoral care from the dedicated and friendly boarding staff and teachers, living in boarding has helped me develop personally and academically while assisting me in becoming a cultured global citizen for University and beyond.

Eileen, 7th Grade Student

“I am Chinese, and I am a seventh-grader. I have had an outstanding time at Raffles American School. I learned some fascinating and new things here. I also made some new friends. And the teachers here are just fantastic!”

Erin, 11th Grade Student

“Raffles American School has been life-changing for me as it has helped me gain more confidence in myself. Before I joined Raffles, I would barely talk and would never even dare to do any kind of public speaking.  With the help of my teachers and classmates, my self-confidence is such that I joined the World Scholars team and even traveled abroad with them to compete in a public speaking competition. So I can say that Raffles really brings out the best in its students by giving them a chance to express their ideas using their voice.”

Ember, 9th Grade Student

“Coming to RAS has definitely been a great pleasure as it has helped me develop not only as a student but in many aspects as a whole. Since the day I first joined RAS, it’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I’ve made. I really value my student life in RAS and appreciate everything the RAS community has done for me.”

HannahJulia, 11th Grade Student

“Student-teacher relationships, growing spirit and opportunity. Teachers offer guidance to students both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Our school has an emerging spirit which can be seen through the arts and heard through respected student voices. Raffles offers many diverse community activities that encourage creative expression and kindling of social relationships.   Thank you so much! ”

Mira, 11th Grade Student

“Having grown up in RAS since middle school, the community has shaped me to become the person that I am, constantly pushing me out of my boundaries to experience new things that I wouldn’t have thought I could achieve. It’s a great place of opportunities and the number of care staff and teachers put into students, creates a welcoming environment. Thank you, RAS! ”

Aidan, 8th Grade Student

“I am in 8th grade, and this is my seventh year at RAS.  I love RAS because I have made many wonderful friends from all around the world; some are still here, and others are still my best friends in different countries.  I have enjoyed all of my classes and teachers, but my favorites would have to be Social Studies, Band, and P.E.  I especially love Band class because it is very different from other classes.  My teacher, Mr. Kim, helps me so much with my trumpet playing and encourages me all the time.  I even have my own trumpet now!  Playing in a band is something I never experienced before, and it’s wonderful. In addition, some of my best memories are from school events like the Family Fun Day and Triathlons.”

Scott, 4th Grade Student

“I like Raffles American School more than any other school because of all my new friends. Also I get to learn a lot about other people and their culture and they have a lot of fun activities for our family to do together.”

Ethan, 5th Grade Student

“I like Raffles American School because I have met new people that are very nice from all around the world and you can become good friends with them. I also love the school projects. The projects are really varied and super fun and make me think a lot.”

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