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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

English Language Programs

Expansive Reading Materials

Students have access to a wide range of texts and are encouraged to develop a love of reading.

Confidence and Collaboration

Students engage in building confidence in sharing ideas and public speaking is fostered through engaging learning activities at all ages to succeed in the RAS General Learning Outcomes.

English Language Learning (ELL) Support

English Language Learning Support teachers work alongside class teachers to support and challenge students in their language development.

English Immersion Program (EIP)

The English Immersion Program (EIP) supports students as they are beginning to learn English.

How do we support English Language Development at RAS?

The English Language Program at RAS is scaffolded to ensure all students are equipped with the language and linguistic strategies to succeed both academically and socially in a rigorous English instruction environment.

For students who are learning English as an additional language, there are two models of support in place dependent on individual need. This ensures each student is supported and challenged to develop their language skills. 

For students who are already learning English, English Language Learning  (ELL) Support is provided, reinforcing their learning with additional English support by our ELL specialist teachers. At RAS, we utilize a collaborative, co-teaching model, in which students acquire English language and subject-specific knowledge simultaneously. Across the school, we have dedicated, qualified ELL specialist teachers to co-plan and co-teach with class teachers. ELL teachers support classes with differentiation of content, product, and process of learning to reinforce and support student understanding. We believe that all teachers are language teachers and are equipped with research-based ELL strategies to promote optimal learning for each and every student. 

English Language Learning (ELL) specialist teacher support at Raffles American School is for children from 1st Grade to 10th Grade

Our English Immersion Program (EIP) is designed as a specific year-long program for students from Grade 3 upwards who are just beginning to learn academic English. This program ensures students build their English language skills to then be able to join their age-appropriate grade level following the completion of this course with the English skills needed to be capable and confident learners.

EIP at Raffles American School is for children aged 8 – 14 years old.

Grade level Average Age
3rd Grade 8 years old
4th Grade 9 years old
5th Grade 10 years old
6th Grade 11 years old
5th Grade 10 years old
7th Grade 12 years old
8th Grade 13 years old
9th Grade 14 years old
10th Grade 15 years old

Want to learn more about how we support English language learners at RAS? Contact us to make time with our admissions team. 

Our Admissions team have highly skilled translators to assist you with all of your enquiries.

“Mr Jeff is an excellent ELL teacher, very knowledgeable, clear pronunciation, and good rapport with the students. The teaching philosophy at RAS enables students to learn in a relaxed environment giving time for independent thinking and creative work.  Thank you teachers.”

Eileen, 7th Grade Student