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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Welcome to the RAS Raptors athletic program. The RAS athletic department is excited about our upcoming season and our continued growth and success in becoming an exemplar of the athletic community in Johor, Malaysia, and all of Southeast Asia.


At RAS we believe that sport should, first and foremost, be a fun and social outlet for healthy and safe physical activity. As a supplement to academics, our athletics program strives to mirror RAS’s Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) by developing critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, in addition to fostering discipline and sportsmanship. However, to be a part of the Raptors athletics program is a privilege that is earned and not a right. That means all participants are expected to abide by the rules, policies and philosophy set forth by the RAS Athletic Department, which is for the safety of the students and integrity of the community.


The following information on this website will serve as a guide and resource to outline the rules, policies and philosophy of the RAS athletics program, as well as highlight our goal of developing the mind, body and spirit of young athletes into healthy, hard working, confident and resilient young adults.


It is necessary that both parents/guardians and student athletes read through the entirety of the handbook and sign the Raptors Pledge when provided by your coach, signifying you understand and agree to the policies and procedures stated within the handbook.

Our mission is to provide a variety of safe and competitive sports dedicated to our philosophy and principles in an environment conducive to developing lifelong skills and appreciation for sport and competition.

The athletics program is first and foremost committed to the academic excellence of our students. Therefore, we view our athletic program as an extension to the academic school day and mandate that our student athletes strive for excellence and dedication in the classroom above all else. Within each sport, our coaches teach the skills and values of RAS General Learning Outcomes in conjunction with the skills of their respective sports.


Through sport, we seek to provide athletic opportunities that help students learn from the merits of teamwork and competition that help develop their physical, emotional, social and mental well being. At the bedrock of our athletic programs is our philosophy in PRIDE:

Passion – Without passion and the enjoyment for playing sport, improvement and success is rarely obtainable. Passion for sport must first begin with the student. Our goal as administrators and coaches is to fuel that passion by providing an atmosphere of fun, hard work, discipline, sportsmanship, perseverance, and success. Maintaining a high level of fun and passion for sport is therefore of the utmost importance for our program.


Resilience To be able to persevere through difficult times is a quality necessary to succeed in all aspects of life. Through sport, our student athletes are taught to meet challenges head on, reflect on losses and difficulties, and to continue striving until success is achieved.


Integrity – Integrity and sportsmanship is the core value of our athletic program. Our athletes are taught and expected to respect their teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and themselves at all times. Furthermore, student athletes are expected to show fairness, honesty, and responsibility in all of their actions on and off the field.


Discipline – To be gifted or interested is not enough to succeed. RAS athletes are taught through competition and practice that discipline is a key to success. Student athletes will learn how to organize their time and focus their efforts in order to become successful students, athletes, and citizens.

Effort – To paraphrase the famous American baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, “hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but without it you don’t have a chance.” At RAS, we follow this mantra and believe that all challenges in life are only achieved through hard work. Therefore, we expect our student athletes to put forth their best effort at all times. The lack of effort is what ultimately leads to regret and feelings of failure, which is why RAS student athletes are expected to put forth their best effort in practice, competition, and all aspects of school.

Enjoyment – Sport and competition is first and foremost about enjoying the game and being active. Whether that comes through intense focus, competition, or achievement, the goal is always to have fun.


Academics are the priority within our program. Student athletes are first encouraged to reach their full academic potential while learning how to balance and utilize sport for athletic goals and self-improvement.


Student-Athlete Welfare – To provide an athletic environment that minimizes the risk of injury and utilizes up to date protocols for injury management. Furthermore, the athletic department strives to develop opportunities that will aid in personal growth and contribute to a positive experience at Raffles American School.


Sportsmanship – On and off the field of competition, our staff, athletes and fans will respect the sports, themselves, and others.


Work Ethic – To instill an understanding that success in and out of sports requires hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance.


Winning Spirit – Provide the facilities, coaches and resources necessary to encourage a Raptor winning tradition.


Merit – Provide opportunities for individuals on the basis of merit in a non-discriminatory manner.

Growth – Continue to build relationships and opportunities within the JSAC (Johor Student Athletes Conference) community, seek competition from regional schools, develop new programs within RAS, and host local and international tournaments to showcase RAS facilities and athletics.





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