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Welcome to the RAS P.E. Department.  My name is Marty Garcia and I teach grades 6-8 and 11-12.  Over the past few years, the P.E. administration and teachers have worked hard to develop a solid P.E. curriculum designed around movements, games, and overall wellness.  As a P.E. teacher, I am not trying to develop athletes, but rather healthy, well-rounded individuals who enjoy staying fit and the teamwork aspect of playing games. I try to teach my students that by playing games, they not only improve their health and fitness, but also improve social skills, have fun, and make friends. As a coach, I am looking to find the hidden talents within each student in hopes that they might become successful both athletically and academically in class.  In the first semester, we worked on agility, speed and quickness, racket games, swimming, and basketball.

This semester we have started the year with fitness and circuit training.  Over the winter break, many of us reverted to holiday laziness and my goal is to help the students return to their pre-holiday fitness routines. Part of the routine fitness program includes: lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping rope, squats, planks, and running.  Students begin with a 30-second set and then progress by increments of 10 seconds every week. The great thing about these exercises is that you need very little equipment and can do them on your own at home. In addition to fitness and circuit training, we are introducing volleyball skills and techniques of the game.  By the end of this unit, our goal is to have our students understand and enjoy the beautiful game of volleyball.

For the remainder of the year we will be focusing on track and field, gymnastics, dance, outdoor invasion games, and striking and fielding games.

I truly enjoy working with our wonderful RAS students and my ultimate goal is to inspire our students to become healthy adults who enjoy fitness and having fun through hard work.

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