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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Ihit Singh

If they were looking for a school with beautiful dorm life and an understanding & fatherlike dorm head: Mr. Chris, I would highly recommend RAS. It has a diverse variety of cultures and people from all across the world coming together in an international school, for both students and teachers and at the same time, having the opportunity to learn and have access to top of the line education materials and post-graduate school opportunities.

Afia Mehjabin

RAS opened up my eyes and allowed me to mix with people from different cultures and races, and also learn about our unique cultures.  Going to school at RAS made me the independent woman I am today, and with everyone’s help, I found universities that would most benefit me and helped me create a pathway for my future studies.

Luke Junsei Ang

RAS allowed me to be myself, carefree but also serious at the same time.  The friendships that I made with my peers are strong bonds.  We would help each other when times needed it, be it in school or outside of school.  We also had a healthy competition between us, especially when it came to the topic of sport!  RAS made this all possible by facilitating such a family-oriented environment for us to thrive in.  I am now serving the Singapore Army and am fully aware of the growth that I attained at RAS.  When times are tough, I can be focused and put in my utmost effort to complete the tasks to the best of my ability, whilst also helping others.  At other times, I can take advantage of my cheerful personality to make training more enjoyable, just like I did at RAS.