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Alumni@RAS – Ihit Singh

Ihit Singh is a graduate of Raffles American School from the Class of 2019.  Since then, Ihit has been serving his compulsory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces.  At the time of writing this article, Ihit is also preparing his applications to study medicine at universities in the United States of America.

We asked Ihit to share some of his experiences and memories of his time here at RAS.  Here is his response.

“How did Raffles American School prepare you for your future?”

With its enriching environment and my time spent on campus, RAS built in me a deeper understanding of the variety of cultures and a sense of freedom to develop my character. 

“What is your favorite memory of Raffles American School?”

More often, it was my time in RAS spent along with my friends that made me miss high school life. Having teachers who would support and counsel any of my worries helped me progress and transition from a high schooler to a young adult. The countless memories I have of RAS keeps me going in my military service right now.

“Who was your favorite teacher in the school, and why?”

There is not one teacher that I would call my favorite. All of them, including the staff, were continually helping me learn in class, and I enjoyed the time I spent with them. However, my future career choice of becoming a doctor, was largely influenced by Ms. Welsh, my Biology teacher, and Mr. Kho, my AP Statistics teacher. These two built unto me a deeper understanding of science and life skills that I appreciate today, especially in my military service.

“If you were to recommend RAS to your friends, what would tell them about RAS?”

If they were looking for a school with beautiful dorm life and an understanding & fatherlike dorm head: Mr. Chris, I would highly recommend RAS. It has a diverse variety of cultures and people from all across the world coming together in an international school, for both students and teachers and at the same time, having the opportunity to learn and have access to top of the line education materials and post-graduate school opportunities.

“Where are you now?” 

I am currently serving my time in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for my 2 years of national service to Singapore. I am in my 2nd year and recently commissioned as an Officer of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). As a Junior Lieutenant (2LT) of the RSAF, I am in charge of men under me as we head out for deployments and work to protect Singapore’s defenses. 

Due to Singapore’s cultural diversity, language and cultural barriers are often present amongst my men and me. Having experienced these cultural diversities, RAS better prepared me to communicate efficiently, build a bond amongst my team, manage massive systems, and traverse challenging environments together as one. 

In my time at RAS leading our basketball team, the Hawks red house, and working closely with the student council body helped me develop my leadership skills. Additionally, It gave me the confidence to make critical decisions as an officer of the SAF.

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