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Alumni@RAS – Afia Mehjabin

Afia Mehjabin graduated from Raffles American School with the class of 2020.  In the short time since graduating she has already begun studying BioChemistry at Loyola University in Chicago.  We recently received news that Afia had been named on the Dean’s List of the College of Arts and Sciences for her achievement in scholastic performance during her first semester at university.

We asked Afia to share some of her experiences and memories of Raffles American School.  Here is what she told us:

“How did Raffles American School prepare you for your future?”

RAS opened up my eyes and allowed me to mix with people from different cultures and races, and also learn about our unique cultures.  Going to school at RAS made me the independent woman I am today, and with everyone’s help, I found universities that would most benefit me and helped me create a pathway for my future studies.

“Can you share with us one of your fondest memories of Raffles American School?”

The thing that I really enjoyed about RAS was the simplicity of life and how easily things could be resolved.  Also, the fact that resources were always available to me if I needed them. If I was ever stuck on a problem, my teachers were always there to help and guide me. Every day, I would see the same faces and I knew that I could rely on my classmates if ever I missed something. In University, however, it is more of independent work and things aren’t as easy.

“Do you remember one of your teachers in particular?”

I remember so many of my teachers and I think of them daily; Mr. Owen, Mr. Kho, Mr. Norman, Ms. Seretti, just to name a few. They were all so helpful and I still use their methods, techniques, and resources while I’m doing my work at University. But if I had to pick one teacher in particular, it would be Ms. Syida, my Bahasa Malay teacher. I had spent a lot of my free time with her and shared many discussions with her. She was like a friend to me and I’m really grateful for her.

“How would you sum up your school life in three words?”

Proud, challenging, and memorable.

“What have you done since graduating from RAS?”

Right after graduation, I got admitted to Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Biochemistry. I have already completed my Fall semester and currently, I’m doing my Spring semester.

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