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Camp Form

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Boarding or Non-Boarding?
Which camp are you registering for?


Does the applicant have siblings or family members attending the camp at RAS? (If yes, choose 'other' and state siblings name)

Family Information

Emergency Contact (Preferably Family Member or Friend in Malaysia)

In case parent/guardian cannot be reached, please provide a local contact (e.g. friend, colleague, relative), if you do not have any contact person in Malaysia, you may leave close contact in your country as well.


Camp T-Shirt Size

Available Sizes

Support Services

Student Health Record

Does your child have any present illness?
If yes, please choose 'other' and provide details.
Does your child suffer from any allergies?
If yes, please choose 'other' and provide details of cause, effect, and whether your child takes any medication for it.
Does your child experience any learning difficulties or mental impairments that we need to be aware of in order to cater for the needs of your child?
If yes, please choose 'other' and specify.
Can your child swim?
Does your child have a history of asthma?
Does your child cary an asthma inhaler?
Does your child wear glasses or contact lenses?
Does your child have trouble hearing or use a hearing aid?
Is there any health condition or any limitations on your child's physical ability that the school should be aware of?
If yes, please choose 'other' and specify.
Is your child on daily medication?
Do the camp staff need to administer the medicine to the child during the day?
Please choose the medication that NOT allowed to give to your child

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Terms and Conditions
I have read, understood and agreed to the Activity/Trip/Camp Consent Form as annexed together with this Application Form and the Brochure/Information of the Camp as annexed in Annexure A. This Application Form, the said Activity/Trip/Camp Consent Form and the said Brochure/Information of the Camp shall be taken together as constituting the entire contract between the parent(s) and the school. I undertake and agree to pay the fee (amount invoiced by the school) on or before the timelines provided by the school. I understand that all payments are non-refundable.
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