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Shameem Hassan Testimonial

We have been part of the RAS family for 5 years now and could not be happier. Currently, we have our two daughters attending RAS, as our eldest daughter has already graduated from there and is studying at Loyola University in Chicago.  

What has been most impressive is the curriculum and the teachers at RAS.  The teachers are friendly and practical, offering guidance where it may be needed and making themselves available for discussions.  The learning environment and teaching methods are relaxed and flexible; therefore, our children are more self-motivated and dedicated to their studies.  There are no additional pressures put on the students, and they love going to school, so much so that they don’t like to miss a single day!

The campus and facilities are excellent.  There is a wide range of CCA’s for our girls to choose from, enabling them to have a variety of after-school activities to explore.  Our children have all been involved in art or music, and we found the resources and equipment available to them are of top quality.

From our perspective as parents, we feel that the staff and faculty at RAS are super helpful and provide great feedback to us.  RAS has made it effortless for our children to flourish through school.  Thank you, Raffles American School.

Shameem & Fowzia


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