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Mi Yeun’s Testimonial

My son has been attending Raffles American School now for 7 years. He started attending RAS when they were in very small premises in Anjung, Iskandar Puteri while waiting for the purpose-built campus to be completed. The new campus has first-class facilities, innovative design, and is well-equipped for future expansion and bigger student intakes.

What has most impressed me is that our superintendent, teachers, and support staff share the same core values towards children’s education. They truly believe in each student, enriching their education and building upon their strengths and weaknesses, regardless of socio-economic background.

Although RAS is a fairly young school, the Performing Arts Department has showcased a number of fine and original performances. Each year the Arts department exhibits an impressive repertoire of excellent student artworks.

Having my son in this environment is enriching him to build on character traits such as confidence, self-esteem, and seeking help when he needs it.  He is now comfortable with voicing his opinions and receiving recognition, not just academically but also socially.  He is engaged with his studies and committed to attaining the goals he seeks.

RAS has been the right choice for us and we are so happy to see our son grow and mature into a fine young man.

MiYeun Shin

Korean American

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