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3 Things to Know About the SAT

Parents or students doing research about university admissions criteria will likely come across the letters S-A-T. Formerly known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT is a standardized test used for admissions at universities in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and many other countries. 

The Scholastic Assessment Test is developed and published by the College Board, a nonprofit educational organization in the United States that has been in operation for over 120 years. Although the Scholastic Assessment Test is a U.S.-based assessment, it is widely recognized by prominent universities around the world, and the test is offered in over 170 countries. The test duration is 3 hours and consists of mathematics, writing and language, and reading comprehension questions, with an optional 50-minute essay portion. Below are 3 essential details about taking the SAT.

1. Preparation Material for the SAT is Plentiful, Easily Accessible, and Oftentimes Free.

Rest, nutrition, and proper preparation are key factors in doing one’s best on any examination. While getting sufficient rest and eating a balanced meal are simple tasks, Scholastic Assessment Test preparation involves months dedicated to course materials learned in high school and a substantial amount of time reviewing. Fortunately, SAT preparation materials and courses are widely available online for free, including Khan Academy’s practice tests and study materials, which are made in conjunction with the College Board. 

Not only is Raffles American School a certified SAT testing center, but we also offer Scholastic Assessment Test preparation courses to students leading up to their exam date. In addition, 10th-grade students at RAS take the Pre-SAT or “PSAT”, which is the official practice Scholastic Assessment Test assessment created by the College Board. The PSAT is also used by the National Merit Scholarship Program in the United States to award university scholarships.

SAT2. Students Can Retake the Test to Improve Their Scores.

Most examinations in school only allow students to take any given test once, no matter how poorly they perform. The College Board, however, has no restrictions on how many times a student may attempt the SAT, though it is recommended to not take the test more than four times. While every student should endeavor to achieve the highest score possible on their first attempt, the College Board offers “Score Choice”, which allows students to select and submit their best test scores to universities. 

Here at Raffles American School, students consistently score above the global average on the SAT. Over 70% of Raffles students scored above the global average, and our top student achieved a score in the 98th percentile!

SAT3. The SAT is Universally Recognized by Major Institutions Around the Globe. 

Preparation for a major assessment like the Scholastic Assessment Test is not a simple undertaking, and so many students may find themselves asking, “Is it worth it?” Of course, the answer is a resounding yes! Students in the U.S. with the intention to study abroad still take the SAT because it is universally recognized by renowned universities in countries all across the globe. 

An SAT score is a testament to a student’s academic ability and hard work, and university admissions departments will recognize it as such regardless of locale. While Raffles American School fully supports and encourages students to take the SAT due in part to its revered status, we are certainly not alone. There is a reason why the SAT is offered in almost every country on the planet!

RAS Student Statistics for the year 2019/2020

The SAT can be hard, but it is rewarding to see everything you’ve learned out on paper. It’s not like most other tests; it’s something that everyone becomes involved in no matter what classes you take. RAS prepares us by offering prep courses and supporting our studies. My friends and I bounce studying tips off each other leading up to the tests, and we all are better for it. I have taken the SAT twice now and my score improved each time. When going into university, regardless of where the SAT is a way to demonstrate the potential you hold.

Tamsyn Caddy, 12th Grade student

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