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3. Home away from home

How important is the environment that we live in? Having a comfortable and balanced living space is a vital part of being a productive student.

The Raffles American School boarding program is a home away from home and allows students to enjoy and create experiences that will be cherished for life. While there is always time reserved for a study routine, there will also be time for children to enjoy their surroundings and partake in excursions and activities that will allow students to be happy and motivated to excel.

Here are some tips for students looking forward to a complete Raffles Boarding experience.

Balancing the Use of Technology

In today’s digital age, distractions from social media, video games, and TV can be challenging. Whilst all of these can be a good way to relax, the overuse of these technologies can interfere with our studies. At Raffles Boarding, we limit the amount of screen time and actively engage our students with activities and excursions.

Collaboration with Friends and Teachers

Collaboration on assignments and activities is a valuable tool that our students have at their disposal. Exclusive study halls and access to academic tutors and faculty are available during the school year.

Remove all Distractions

While social interaction is important to a healthy lifestyle, students also need space to remove themselves from other distractions to have privacy for study and relaxation. Each of our students is provided with single occupancy rooms, with access to cupboards, storage areas, and a desk to make their own.

Regular Study Routine

A regular study routine is conducted during the week. Having a routine helps our students focus on the tasks that are presented to them and improve their productivity. It also teaches them important life skills that will prepare them for university.

 Be Portable When Studying

Students have access to our expansive 46-acre campus and are encouraged to have a change of scenery. Being able to go for a lengthy walk and remove themselves from familiar scenery, or even just to find a shady tree to read under, is important for a productive and healthy mind.

There is a stigma attached to boarding school, more often than not it’s perceived as leaving the comfort of your own home and plunging yourself into a regimented academic routine. It’s easy to let those thoughts overwhelm and sway you, I speak from personal experience.

Integrating yourself into a new environment where family and loved ones are not at your tangible aid can undoubtedly intimidate someone but I can state with confidence that these feelings will be overwritten once you have a taste of what this school has to offer.

“Boarding at Raffles radiates a comforting and nurturing environment where all students are treated as equals and with respect. Staff and students get along wonderfully well as staff push us to achieve more. Raffles boarding believes in and pursues an academic yet fun-filled lifestyle. Studying has never been easier with the study schedule that allows you to focus and keep updated with your academic endeavors. Additionally, academics are masterfully balanced with leisure time providing a plethora of exciting weekend excursions, weekly competitions and not to mention boasting one of the most extraordinary common areas and sports facilities. Don’t let the stigma delude you, boarding at Raffles is without a doubt a ‘home away from home.'”

Keanu Gathy, 10th Grade student

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