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  • Elementary Music
Certifications & Education:
  • University of Malaya (MY) | Bachelors in Performing Arts
Teaching Experience:
  • Over 10 years experience teaching

With a wealth of expertise in classroom music teaching and singing pedagogy, Yeo is well-prepared to actively engage and forge meaningful connections with the young musicians at Raffles American School.

As a dedicated music teacher, Yeo possesses a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, actively fostering and promoting cultural diversity within her classroom. Her commitment to creating an inclusive musical environment reflects her belief in the enriching power of embracing various cultural perspectives.

After completing her double major in Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) from the University of Malaya, she began her career as a piano and vocal tutor in Kuala Lumpur. In 2007, she returned to her hometown where she continued coaching several choirs of different ages. Since 2012, Yeo has been dedicated to expanding her professional endeavors by working in private and international schools.

Yeo’s elementary and secondary choirs, encompassing both government and private schools, have attained remarkable success by securing victory in the state-level choir competition and progressing to the national stage. Notably, her choir spans across various age groups, from elementary school students to senior individuals, showcasing a diverse and inclusive musical community.

Prior to expanding her teaching platform at an international school, she actively participated in solo singing performances, generously contributing her musical talent to charitable events and exclusive invitation-only performances.

Yeo takes great joy in sowing the seeds of a love for music and championing the value of cultural diversity from around the world. Her commitment to nurturing a global appreciation for music reflects a deep passion for fostering cultural understanding and unity.

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