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All information described in the handbook is subject to change, based on Malaysia’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). We will continue to communicate with students and parents any updates as soon as they become available to us. The changes to the handbook will be described in this “SOP Guidelines” chapter. No changes will be made to the other chapters.

SOP Guidelines (last updated September 22)

All MOE/MOH current guidelines are adhered to at Raffles American School. The most up-to-date information is used to guide our provision.

Welcome to the RAS Co-Curricular Activities Handbook. This handbook aims to provide an overview of our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program, which includes policies, procedures, and explains how to view all CCAs on offer this school year. We hope that it will inform students and parents of how the program is organized and help them make informed decisions when choosing their CCAs.

The CCA program’s objective is to empower student learning and discovery of personal strengths and interests through activities and clubs that may not be offered in their academic classes. Our co-curricular program’s strength and success are in its vast diversity of activities and divided into the broad categories of Sports, Performing Arts, and Clubs. 

The CCA program here at RAS enables our students to have opportunities outside their day-to-day classes to develop their GLO skills;

  • Communication skills; developing an understanding of how to express our emotions and ideas with students and teachers from different class and grade cohorts as well in a range of settings. 
  • Character skills; learning how to collaborate and work with students and teachers in more informal learning settings. Developing empathy, tolerance, and understanding in our community and understanding the importance of personal contributions to the community and environment. Representing our school in the community. 
  • Critical thinking skills; applying critical thinking skills in a range of contexts challenging students to make connections to their learning and extend their ideas and thinking beyond the classroom. Working independently and collaboratively to solve problems in learning activities and the greater community. 
  • Organization skills; learning how to use technology and resources to learn more about the world around us and developing an understanding of how to use this responsibly.

The diversity of our program assists students in becoming well-rounded, life-long learners as part of the holistic education offered here at RAS. Not only is this important in the development of our students, but colleges and universities take great interest in active citizens who engage in the pursuit of bettering their community and self-actualization.

Our CCA program also fulfills several roles within our community. Through Raptors Sports, students have the opportunity to compete and socialize with their peers from other schools. Through Sports, students gain recreational health benefits and develop healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Through the Arts, students can perform on stage or learn to be creative through various mediums. Technology clubs offer our students opportunities to develop their digital literacy whilst focusing on the skills required for 21st-century learning. And finally, Community clubs provide opportunities to volunteer, interact, and improve the school and/or local community’s social and environmental well-being.

Our program’s success depends on students, parents, teachers, and external vendors’ interest and support. As a community, we can provide the opportunities and support that will help our students and children attain self-actualization.

Garth Taylor

Activities and Athletic Director

  1. Overview
    The CCA program is divided into Elementary (K – 5) and Secondary (6-12). The school year is divided into four CCA Seasons, with dates mentioned underneath, allowing students to sign up for different activities four times a year. 
  2. CCA Timings for Elementary and Secondary-
    3:15 pm – 4:15 pm (Mon-Thurs) 1:15 – 2:15 pm (Friday)
  1. CCA Seasons
    CCA Season 1 (Term 1)
  • 22/8/22 to 7/10/22 (7 weeks)
  • Registration Monday, 15th August 2022
  • (No classes on Wednesday, 31/08/22 or Friday, 16/09/22) 

CCA Season 2 (Term 2)

  • 31/10/22 to 9/12/22 (6 weeks)
  • Registration Friday, 14th October 2022
  • (No classes on Thursday, 10/11/22 & Friday, 11/11/22, Friday, 25/11/22)

CCA Season 3 (Term 3)

  • 16/01/2023 to 10/3/2023 (8 weeks)
  • Registration Friday, 16th December 2022
  • (No classes on Monday, 23rd January 2023, Friday, 3rd February 2023 or Monday, 27th February 2022)

CCA Season 4 (Term 4)

  • 3/4/2023 to 26/5/2023 (8 weeks)
  • Registration Friday, 17th March 2023
  • (No classes on Friday, 7th April 2023, Monday, 24th April 2023 or Monday, 1st May 2023)
  1. Elementary and Secondary Activities
    Activity offerings are divided into 5 categories: Raptors, Sports, Arts, Technology and Community. Sports CCAs include all of our RAS Raptors Sports Teams, Clubs Sports, and Sports CCAs offered by External Providers. The Performing Arts CCAs aim to showcase student learning at RAS Shows, and the Club CCAs are all other CCAs. Some examples of Club CCAs are Community Service CCAs, Language Clubs, Art CCAs, and Technology CCAs.

    In Secondary, our High School and Middle School Sports Teams (Raptors) meet twice a week. Elementary Raptors practice once a week.

    Elementary and Secondary Performing Arts CCAs include dance, drama, singing, and band, each once a week. This may change to twice a week when close to performances to ensure the students are fully prepared. This is at the teachers’ discretion.
  1. PreK4 CCAs
    We also have some active CCAs on offer for our PreK4 students provided by external vendors and/or teachers. 

Internal vs. External Vendors
To provide a wide variety of activities beyond the scope of what the RAS faculty can offer, RAS hires external vendors. Students signing up for an external vendor’s activities will be required to pay for the provider’s services.

Activity offerings are divided into 3 categories: Sports, Performing Arts, and Clubs. Sports CCAs include all of our RAS Raptors Sports Teams, Clubs Sports, and Sports CCAs offered by External Providers. The Performing Arts CCAs aim to showcase student learning at RAS Shows, and the Club CCAs are all other CCAs. Some examples of Club CCAs are Community Service CCA, Language Clubs, Art CCAs, or Technology CCAs.

In Secondary, our High School and Middle School Sports Teams (Raptors) meet twice a week. Elementary Raptors practice once a week.

Secondary Performing Arts CCAs include dance, drama, singing, and band, and will be held twice a week. Elementary Performing Arts CCAs are once a week.


Payment to external vendors will include a one-time payment for the semester and will be due no later than the second week after the activity begins. CCAs can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Cash payment can be made in the uniform shop at the start or end of the school day, or at the finance office. CCA payment can also be made via bank transfer. Please see the RAS bank information in section X. 

To clarify, if the activity begins on Monday the 2nd, the payment is due by Monday the 9th. Students who do not provide payment on time will not be allowed to participate until payment is provided.

Students are allowed to change activities after session 1. If they choose to continue with the activity, payment must be made before the 2nd session of the activity. Any further changes are at the discretion of the School Principal or the Athletics & Activities Director.

Students who join RAS as rolling admissions will be given a prorated fee for activities run by external vendors, depending on the date they start the CCA. If students start during session 4 of 8, the student will be required to pay for the 5 remaining sessions.

Dropping Out/ Switching of Activities
Students are given one session to determine if they enjoy the activity. This session is to be paid for if it is a PAID CCA. Once the student joins the second session, the student will not be able to change activities anymore during the CCA Season. For paid CCAs, full payment for the activity should be made.  Once a student has paid for a CCA, no refunds will be given unless there are exceptional circumstances.
If a student did not initially sign up for an activity but wants to join later, they might be given the opportunity upon permission from the Activity Director.

Pick Up/ CCA Bus
Monday to Thursday, the CCA bus will leave promptly at 4:30 pm. On Friday, the CCA Bus will leave at 2:30 pm. The CCA supervisor will lead students who are taking the bus to the bus boarding area. All students who are picked up by a parent or driver must be picked up at the regular pick-up areas at 4:15 pm promptly. If the student’s parent/guardian/driver is late due to an emergency, please notify the main desk.

Cancellations & Make-Up Days
If an external provider misses a session, a makeup day will be provided, or payment will be prorated. If a student misses a session, the session will be forfeited, and no refund will be provided unless there are exceptional circumstances. If the weather is the reason for a delay or cancellation, activity supervisors are instructed to provide training or alternative activities indoors. If circumstances do not allow for the alternative, and the session needs to be canceled, a makeup day will be provided at the end of the CCA Season. If a student is unable to attend a makeup session, they will not be able to seek another makeup session and will not be given a refund for that session.

For paid swimming sessions, if the weather prevents the students from performing in the pool, then a Teaching Assistant will take the students to the ‘Tricycle Room’ for the remaining time.

If the students had less than 20 mins in the water, a make-up session will be organized as mentioned above.

Enrollment Minimums/ Maximums
Each CCA will have a minimum and a maximum number of students to ensure an effective, safe, and productive program. 
There will be a 3-person minimum for each CCA (some exceptions apply). For those CCAs that do not meet a 3-person minimum, the activity will be dropped from the CCA program. Students who have signed up for that CCA will be provided the opportunity to sign up for an alternative activity.
The maximum number of students allowed in the CCA is dependent on the age group, resources, and the number of supervisors per activity.

Once a student has chosen to stick with their selected CCA after the 1-week grace period, it is expected that the student remains committed to and disciplined in their attendance. Furthermore, students will be held to the same rules and policies of behavior during school hours. If a student repeatedly shows disrespect for their supervisor(s) and peers or commits a serious infraction of RAS rules, they will be asked to leave all CCAs and not join until the next term. Students that are dismissed from a paid activity due to misconduct will not be refunded. Students who miss more than 3 sessions of a teacher-led CCA will no longer be allowed to attend this CCA without prior notice given to the CCA supervisor. Disciplinary action will be undertaken through the division principals.

If a student or parent has an issue with a CCA concerning an instructor or how the class is conducted, we require that the student or parent have a conversation with the CCA instructor first. If the problem is not resolved, the issue should then be taken to the Activities Director.

Prior to the start of a CCA Season, parents will receive an overview of the Season ahead. These overviews show all CCAs on offer throughout the year and per season. You can find specific information regarding each CCA (teacher, fee, description) by hovering over the CCA Title (best viewed on a computer). The CCAs written in Red are paid CCAs offered by external providers.

Date Event
Season 1
Wednesday, 17/08/’22 Registration CCA Season 1
Monday, 29/08/’22 Start CCA Season 1
Friday, 07/10/’22 End CCA Season 1
Season 2
Friday, 14/10/’22 Registration CCA Season 2
Monday, 31/10/’22 Start CCA Season 2
Friday, 9/12/’22 End CCA Season 2
Season 3
Friday, 16/12/’22 Registration CCA Season 3
Monday, 16/01/’23 Start CCA Season 3
Friday, 10/03/’23 End CCA Season 3
Season 4
Wednesday, 17/3/’23 Registration CCA Season 4
Monday, 3/04/’23 Start CCA Season 4
Friday, 26/05/’23 End CCA Season 4

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Raffles American School.

For Bank Transfers, please indicate Child’s name, class, and description as the payment reference. 

E.g. Student Name, Grade 6, Basketball CCA

Appreciated if proof of payment made is sent via email once completed.

Bank Transfer – Please specify the student’s name in the payment reference details. Please provide proof of payment via email to once your

payment is done.


Flywire Transfer – Flywire transfers are available for foreign banks. Please visit the

following link to begin the payment process,

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