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Caring and Nurturing Environment

Caring and Nurturing Environment

How important is a caring and nurturing environment? In psychology, the nature vs nurture debate has gone back and forth incessantly. Whilst we cannot change our genes, we can create and foster a nurturing environment, which assists in developing a student into becoming a well-balanced and healthy-minded individual. A caring and nurturing environment will also develop improved cognitive skills, ethical and moral behavior, as well as peer bonding skills for improved academic performance and social behavior. 

During their stay at Raffles American School, boarding students are exposed to a friendly, caring, and nurturing environment. The environment assists in helping to mold each child’s unique character and maintains a safe space for learning and living. Students can approach staff for guidance and advice, and learn to overcome obstacles in a constructive manner. The boarding environment is also structured through specific outings, socials, and activities in order to develop each student as a holistic learner and nurture each child’s unique attributes.

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“Raffles Boarding puts student’s welfare and progress first, despite the fact that living under locus parentis can be difficult in the beginning. The on-hand support and nurturing environment is made for an easy transition from everyday home accommodation to a place where skills such as independence and communication are developed and utilized daily.

 Raffles American School Boarding prioritizes student comfort and growth. Staff are always ready to assist with concerns and are open to suggestions. With mutual respect between staff and students, the staff here at boarding are willing to give you constructive feedback and advice and always offer academic guidance and support. With friends to make and younger peers to guide and support.

Everyone in boarding is an active member of the RAS community and is a representation of the six pillars of Boarding.”

Hanan Al-Jaberi

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