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Senior Parent Handbook 2021-2022

Dear parents and guardians, MAY 2021 RE: Start date and procedure for the start of 2021/2022 school year (Boarding) Welcome to the Raffles American Boarding program. 

I look forward to welcoming your child and family to the boarding community. Please see below for important procedures for boarding students. 

New Students: 

Students must arrive in the boarding facility between 9 am and 5 pm on August 11th, 2021, for boarding orientation. There will be an information session for all new boarding parents and students at 1 pm on August 11th, 2021. 

Students will be assigned dormitories and partake in an orientation program on the  11th of August. 

This will include: 

  1. Tour of the boarding facility 
  2. Introduction to boarding staff 
  3. Explanation of boarding rules and procedures 
  4. First day at school procedure 
  5. Dinner 

Returning Students: 

Students may arrive after 1 pm on August 11th, 2021, and must return by 5 pm the latest. 

Please send flight details and arrival times to Ms. Goh for transportation to be arranged.  Please send the details no later than July 25th, 2021. 

Ms. Goh –

  1. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shower gel, razor) with a shower caddy to carry to the bathroom. 
  2. Linens (sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase) OR RAS will supply these items. 3. Mosquito repellent spray and wall plug. 
  3. Monies for excursions as well as personal shopping items and visits to the mall. 5. School and sports uniforms (Can be purchased at the school shop if needed). Please arrange  3x of every item you purchase. 
  4. Sunscreen for sports training. 
  5. Umbrella. 
  6. Schoolbag for academic books and MacBook. 
  7. MacBook (used mainly for academic research). 
  8. Mobile phone. 
  9. Shower shoes or slip slops. 
  10. Decorations for the dorm (must not damage wall). No nails or drilling to be used. 


  1. Please make sure all clothing items are labeled for laundry purposes. 2. Monies can be kept for the students via the Director of Boarding. 
  2. NO electrical items may be bought into dormitories as this is a fire hazard. This includes televisions, music systems, irons, cooking plates, fridges, microwaves, and water dispensers. 
  3. There is a common fridge, microwave, and water dispenser for students to use.

Aim and scope 

This medical policy aims to advise all stakeholders on the various requirements,  procedures, and best practice expectations at RAS boarding. It is used as a guide and a source of information regarding all medical practices and procedures.  

RAS boarding has full-time, fully qualified resident nurses on call. It will be the nurses’  responsibility to refer any medical case to a suitably qualified doctor should this be in the student’s best interest or is beyond the nurses’ scope of practice. All other medical incidents that can be professionally attended by or done under the supervision of the nurse will be carried out at the boarding house, including post-treatment monitoring and care. 

Medical requirements 

  1. All students are required to have medical cover. If your child does not have private medical insurance, insurance coverage can be arranged through the school administration for a  fee. As a minimum, all private medical cover must cover in-hospitalization costs in  Malaysia. Proof of this is to be submitted to the Director of Boarding for administrative records keeping.  
  2. Each boarding student shall have a complete medical history questionnaire completed upon arrival at the boarding facility.
  1. The boarding facility employs registered nurses on a full-time basis. The nurses reside in the boarding facility. 
  2. The boarding facility has a fully equipped and functional in-house clinic that the nurse manages. 
  3. The clinic is open to all students that wish to visit the nurse at the following times: Monday to Thursday 

7 am – 7:45 am 

3 pm – 5 pm 

6:15 pm – 7 pm 


7 am – 7:45 am 

1 pm – 3 pm 

6:15 pm – 7 pm 

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays 

9 am – 11 am 

5 pm – 7 pm 

  1. During the school semester, the nurse is available 24 hours for emergencies after hours and weekends.  
  2. Only the duty staff are required to contact the nurse if a student needs to be attended to. 6. A first aid kit is kept on the ground floor of the boarding facility. It is stocked with basic supplies and medication for minor ailments. This is to be used after hours by the duty staff for non-emergency matters. All used supplies must be noted on the record sheet provided. 7. In the event of an emergency, anyone can contact the nurse directly. 
  3. Parents that wish to discuss their child’s health can do so via e-mail. Alternately, parents may contact the boarding nurse between 7 am – 7 pm.  
  1. The clinic is used for the storage of all medical supplies and medication.  
  2. All medication that students bring into boarding needs to be handed into the clinic for safekeeping. No student may keep their medication in their dormitories. 
  3. The nurse is responsible for dispensing all medication from the clinic.  
  4. Traditional remedies are to be stored in the clinic. The nurse will dispense these in consultation with the interpreter. 
  5. Students may keep vitamins in their dormitory room. 

Record Keeping 

  1. The nurse is to keep accurate and up-to-date records of all medical cases dealt with. Each student has a medical file that is kept in the clinic. 
  2. Each medical file will contain the student’s medical questionnaire submitted upon enrolment. All incidents (including visits to the doctor or hospitalization) and medicine dispensed will be kept on record in each boarder’s file.
  1. In the event of a non-emergency, but where the student requires to see a doctor (GP), the nurse will make the necessary appointment. Students will then be taken to the doctor at their earliest convenience. 
  2. Consultation fees and medication costs will be paid for upfront through the RAS boarding medical fund. Parents will then be invoiced to recover these payments. 
  3. Should the doctor refer any student to a specialist for further treatment, parents will be consulted for permission. All specialist fees will be charged to the parent’s account.  4. Where possible, following a doctor’s consultation, students will be sent back to school to continue their school program. Should a student be too ill to attend school, they will be granted permission to recover in their rooms with periodic observations or in the boarding clinic for more regular observations by the boarding nurse if necessary. 
  4. It is the nurses’ responsibility to assess whether a student’s health allows them to return to school.
  5. Only the nurse and doctor may decide if a student is too ill to attend school. Parents may not request that children miss school due to medical grounds. 
  1. A medical emergency is defined as an incident that requires immediate medical attention and stabilization. Including, but not limited to: 
  • Asthmatic attack 
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Broken bones (suspected) 
  • Sprains 
  • Concussions 
  • Lacerations 
  1. The nurse will be on call and available for all medical emergencies. She will assess the student, treat the patient, or stabilize and refer to the relevant medical specialist for further treatment.  
  2. All medical emergencies will be attended to at Gleneagles hospital, located 3 miles from  RAS. 
  3. The boarding house vehicle stationed in the front of the boarding facility will be available at all times to take students to the hospital, accompanied by the nurse and/or Director of  Boarding or available staff member.  
  4. The parents/guardians of any student that requires hospitalization will be immediately contacted, and any medical procedure that needs to be carried out will be in consultation with the parent. 
  5. Should any parent/guardian not be available, or the nature of the incident requires  immediate action, the Director of Boarding or the resident nurse, in consultation with the  doctor, will make a decision that is in the best interest of the student concerned
  1. All students who refuse to receive medical care from either the nurse or a doctor will be required to acknowledge this by signing a medical waiver.  
  2. Parents/guardians that do not wish their children to receive recommended medical care need to indicate this to the nurse in writing. Should this not be received, the required medical care will be administered, and any cost will be for the parents’ account.  
  3. Raffles American School boarding and its staff will not be held liable for any medical complication or further harm that results from the refusal to receive medical treatment

8. Students may not force other students to do things for them i.e., Clean dormitory rooms, carry plates, bring food from the cafeteria, etc.

Students that leave campus for the weekend to go and stay with friends or go home are under the medical care of their host families or parents. It is the responsibility of the host family,  guardians, or parents to ensure that all medical care needs are met while the student is off-campus.  Parents/guardians should attend to students’ medical needs as they arise over a weekend leave.  Students should not return to the boarding facility requiring medical care, where possible.

  1. Monitoring the students after being treated, either by the boarding nurse or by a doctor, is critical. All students will receive check-ups in the days following treatment to ensure that recovery is adequate. 
  2. All follow-up care will be communicated to the parents/guardians for cases of hospitalization. 
  1. All students must vacate the boarding facility as per the vacation dates listed in the school calendar. This includes the Spring and Fall break. Students are required to leave no later than the day after school has finished and may return the day before school starts. 
  2. Students may stay with local friends or alternative arrangements made by parents. The school will provide transport to airports and local addresses within reason.  
  3. Students will not be permitted to stay by themselves during vacations if not returning home.  
  4. Students should have a responsible adult that will act as Loco parentis during a vacation break if the student is staying at a local address. 
  5. Raffles American School is not responsible for students during vacation periods.
  1. The boarding facility will celebrate all student’s birthday’s in a particular month once in that month.  
  2. A birthday cake will be ordered and shared amongst all boarding students.

1. When leaving the dormitories, please write where and when you will return at the security desk. Include time left- where you are going and when you will return.
2. This is important so that the staff knows where you are in case of an emergency.
3. Where possible, keep your phone on, and with you in case we need to contact you.

1. Leaving the boarding facility without permission or after hours is a serious offence. Do not take the risk; instead, ask.
2. You are not allowed to leave the boarding facility after 9:00 pm for any reason.
3. Such an act will be immediately dealt with by the Director of Boarding and Superintendent and could lead to expulsion or suspension from the boarding facility.

  1. If you need to discuss or have any questions, please contact the Director of Boarding by email or phone. 
  2. Alternatively, please liaise with the translator at boarding if needed and relay messages to staff.  
  3. Please note that boarding staff are available till 9 pm every night. Please understand  that boarding staff also have families and commitment and are not expected to answer 

questions after 9 pm unless it’s an emergency, in which case please contact the Director of  Boarding. 

  1. We encourage students to speak to staff themselves if they are having a problem or need to ask a question. Please support the boarding program and encourage your child to speak to staff directly.

Parents/Guardians that wish to gain access to the boarding facility can only do so if prior arrangements with the Director of boarding have been made. Parents/guardians are encouraged to not arrive unannounced as it cannot be guaranteed that their children will be available

No parent/guardian is permitted to accompany their children into their rooms without approval.  This is to ensure that the privacy of other students is always protected. 

Students follow a set schedule that includes study sessions. Parents/guardians should arrange their visitation outside study times. Special consideration is taken when parents are visiting from overseas.

  1. Parents are to email or message the Director of Boarding by Thursday 5 pm if they wish for their child to leave the boarding facility over the weekend. This is to ensure proper planning for weekend arrangements. The Director may refuse to leave if not received in a  timely manner. 
  2. Please include the date and time your child will leave and return to the boarding facility. 3. Under no circumstances is the boarding facility or staff responsible for children who have permission to leave boarding over a weekend, public holiday, or vacation. This includes medical emergencies. The host family is responsible for the well-being and behavior of the child. 
  3. It is understood that once a parent has given permission, all arrangements between the host family and the student have been arranged.
  1. The deposit is to be used for incidentals, including excursions, doctor visits, stationery purchases, etc.  
  2. The students will have access to the money through the Director of Boarding. 
  3. All monies not used at the end of the academic year will be returned to parents.  4. All monies used from this deposit will be tracked and recorded with evidence.
  1. The boarding program is designed to prepare students for college and university. With this in mind, we actively promote self-discipline, constructive communication, and learning from mistakes. 
  2. It is important that boarding staff and parents work together to promote and teach the students how to conduct themselves and learn critical skills that will help them after they leave school. 
  3. If you have a concern or question, please contact the Director of Boarding via email or phone.
  1. There are optional excursions on weekends for children to attend with supervision. This can range from a boat trip, Legoland visit, or a weekend away. These excursions are essential in developing social and emotional skills as well as having downtime outside the boarding facility. 
  2. Please encourage your child to attend the activities that are planned. The cost of these excursions will be paid by students themselves and is not included in the boarding fee.  Great care is taken to avoid expensive excursions.  
  3. There is a bus to the mall every weekend that students can use to do personal shopping or watch a movie. At all times, staff will be in the vicinity in case of emergency.  

I look forward to meeting all our parents at our orientation and moving in day! 

Yours sincerely, 

Christian Choyce 

Director of Boarding

亲爱的家长及监护人们: 2021 年 5 月 宿舍 2021/2022 学年开学日及报到流程 





学生必需在 2021 年 8 月 11 日上午 9 点至下午 5 点之间到达寄宿设施进行新生迎新培 训。宿舍部将于 2021 年 8 月 11 日下午 1 点为所有新入学的家长和学生举行说明会。 

学生们将被分配宿舍房间,并在 8 月 11 日参加迎新培训。 


  1. 参观住宿设施 
  2. 教职工作人员简介 
  3. 宿舍规则和流程说明 
  4. 开学第一天的流程
  5. 晚餐 


学生可于 2021 年 8 月 11 日下午 1 点后抵达,最迟必须于下午 5 点前返回。 

请于 2021 年 7 月 25 日前将航班详情及抵达时间发送给 Ms. Goh,以便安排交通。 Ms. Goh –

  1. 洗漱用品(牙刷,牙膏,毛巾,沐浴露,剃须刀),可准备沐浴篮子装置,以方便带到浴室。 
  2. 床用织品(床单,羽绒被套,枕头套)或是 莱佛士美国学校可提供列明物品。 
  3. 驱蚊喷雾及转换插头。 
  4. 用以短途旅行,个人购物及商场购物足够的金钱。 
  5. 请购买三套学校制服及运动服(如需要,可到学校贩卖部购买)。 
  6. 体育课用的防晒霜。 
  7. 雨伞。 
  8. 装课本及 MacBook 电脑的上学书包。 
  9. MacBook电脑(主要用于学术研究)。 
  10. 手机。 
  11. 洗澡用的鞋子或是人字拖。 
  12. 布置宿舍的装饰品(但不能损伤墙壁,不可使用铁钉或钻孔。)
  1. 请确保所有衣物都标记上名字,以进行清洗。 
  2. 宿舍校长可以协助学生保管金钱。 
  3. 为了避免发生火灾的危险,任何电器都禁止带入宿舍。其中包括电视,音乐系统,烫斗,电磁炉,冰箱,微波炉及饮水机。 
  4. 宿舍里有提供学生们共同使用的冰箱,微波炉及饮水机。


医疗政策的目的是向莱佛士美国学校宿舍所有有权益相关者告知关于各种医疗要求,流程及最佳 期望实践的部分。该政策用以作为指导及一个提供所有关于医疗实践和流程的信息来源。 

莱佛士美国学校宿舍有着全职及专业的驻校护士。如果该情况可以给予学生最好的安排或是该状 况超出了护士的职业范围,护士有责任将任何的医疗案件转介给一位合适及合格的医生。其他所 有可由护士专业护理或监督下完成的医疗事件包括治疗后的监督及护理将在宿舍内完成。 


  1. 所有学生都必须要有医疗保险。如您孩子没有私人医疗保险,可通过学校行政部门缴费安 排保险代理处理。作为最低要求,所有私人医疗保险必须承担马来西亚的医疗费用。这方 面的证明需提交给宿舍校长作为行政记录。 
  2. 每位住宿生必须在抵达宿舍后填写完整的病历调查表。
  1. 宿舍方面聘请了全天制并领有执照的驻校护士。 
  2. 宿舍有个设备齐全及多用途的内部诊所,并由宿舍护士们管理。 
  3. 诊所将在以下时段开放给所有想要见护士的学生们: 


早上 7 点至 7 点 45 分 

下午 3 点至 5 点 

傍晚 6 点 15 分至 7 点 


早上 7 点至 7 点 45 分 

下午 1 点至 3 点 

傍晚 6 点 15 分至 7 点 


早上 9 点至 11 点 

下午 5 点至 7 点


  1. 在学期期间,不论在规定时段外或是周末,护士们都会 24 小时待命处理紧急状况。 
  2. 只有值班职员能在学生需要接受治疗的情况下联系护士。 
  3. 宿舍底楼备有急救箱。其中供应基本用品及治疗轻微疾病的药物。此急救箱适用于值班时 段外职员用以处理非紧急情况。所有使用的物品需要在记录表上注明。 
  4. 在紧急状况下,所有人都可以直接联系护士。 
  5. 家长们可以通过电邮方式与护士讨论孩子的健康状况,或是于早上 7 点至晚上 7 点期间联 系护士。
  1. 诊所是用于存放所有医疗用品及药物。 
  2. 学生们携带进入宿舍的所有药物都需交到诊所以进行保管。没有任何一位学生可以私自把 药物收藏在宿舍房里。 
  3. 护士们将负责分配诊所内的所有药物。 
  4. 传统药物也需要存放在诊所。护士们将会在翻译员的协助下分配传统药物。 
  5. 学生们可自行保管维生素。
  1. 护士们会准确地保存和及时更新所有处理的医疗案件。诊所内也会存放每一位学生的医疗 档案。 
  2. 每一份医疗档案都会收着学生们在登记时提交的病历调查表。所有事故(包括去见医生或 住院治疗)及药物分配都会保存在每一位寄宿生的档案中。 


  1. 如学生在非紧急状况下要求见全科医生,护士们将进行必要的预约。之后护士将在学生们 方便时带他们去见医生。 
  2. 咨询费及药费将由莱佛士美国学校寄宿医疗基金预先支付。之后校方将给家长们开发票以 获取相关款项。 
  3. 如医生将任何学生转介给专科医生进行进一步治疗,校方将征询家长的许可。所有专科医 疗费用将由家长承担。
  1. 如情况允许,学生在医生咨询后将会被送回学校继续上课。若学生病得太重并无法上学, 他们将允许在护士定时观察下留在房里休息。如有必要,他们也可在宿舍诊所里以方便宿舍护士进行更规律的定时观察。 
  2. 护士们有责任评估学生的健康状态是否适合返回学校。 
  3. 只有护士及医生能决定学生是否病得太重并无法上学。家长不得以健康为由而要求让孩子 们翘课。
  1. 医疗紧急状况定义为需要立即就医及稳定患者状态的偶发事件。其中包括,但不限制于以 下列明状态: 
  • 哮喘发作 
  • 过敏反应 
  • 骨折(疑似) 
  • 扭伤 
  • 脑震荡 
  • 撕裂伤 
  1. 护士们将随时待命以处理所有医疗紧急状况。护士将评估学生的状态以判断是否需要对患 者进行治疗,或者是先稳定患者状态,继而转介给相关的医疗专科医生以进行进一步的治 疗。 
  2. 所有医疗紧急状况将在距离学校 3 英里远的鹰阁医院 (Gleneagles Hospital) 进行治疗。
  3. 宿舍的车子会停放在宿舍建筑物前方以确保任何时候都能载送学生去医院,护士及/或宿 舍校长或是当值的职员将会陪同。 
  4. 如果任何一位学生需要住院治疗,我方将会立即联系家长或监护人,并且与家长协商任何 需要进行的医疗程序。 
  5. 若无法与家长或监护人取得联系,或该事件需要立即采取行动,宿舍校长或驻校护士将与 医生协商,做出最有利于学生的决定。
  1. 所有拒绝接受护士或医生进行医疗护理的学生们必须通过签署医疗豁免的方式来承认这一 点。
  2. 不希望孩子们接受医疗护理的家长或监护人们需要以书面方式告知护士们。如果没有收到 任何通知,护士将会直接进行医疗护理。所有费用将由家长们承担。 
  3. 莱佛士美国学校寄宿学校及职员们将不为任何因拒绝接受医疗治疗而导致的并发症或进一 步的伤害负任何法律责任。

学生在周末外出离开学校范围到朋友家或回家将会是对方家长或父母负责照顾学生的医疗护理。 对方家长,监护人及父母们有责任确保学生在外出期间的一切医疗护理需求得到满足。父母/监 护人需照顾学生周末外出时出现的医疗需求。如有可能,学生们不应突然返回宿舍要求医疗护理。

  1. 在学生们接受治疗后,无论是由宿舍护士或医生进行监督都是至关重要的。所有学生将在 治疗后几天内接受检查以确保学生们完全康复。 
  2. 所有住院治疗的后续护理将会与家长或监护人们沟通。
  1. 所有学生必须按照学校日历中所列出的休假日离开宿舍,其中包括春假和秋假。学生们必 须在学校结束后的一天内离开,并在开学前一天返回宿舍。 
  2. 学生们可以留在当地朋友家寄住或者是根据家长们做出的其它安排。校方将提供机场交通 接送和合理范围内的本地接送。 
  3. 如果学生在假期期间不回家,他们不允许自己一个人留在本地。 
  4. 如果学生们在假期期间留在本地居住,他们需要一位负责任的成年人充当“代替父母”。 
  5. 莱佛士美国学校在假期期间将不会对学生们负责。
  1. 宿舍将在每一个月为该月份生日的学生们庆生。 
  2. 宿舍将会订购蛋糕并与所有学生分享。
  1. 如果家长们有想要讨论的事情或是任何问题,请通过电邮或通话方式联系宿舍校长。 
  2. 或是,家长们可以联系宿舍翻译员,翻译员将把信息转达给相关职员。 
  1. 请家长们注意,可联系宿舍职员的时段将到每天晚上 9 点。请家长们理解职员们也有家庭 及个人义务。职员们将不会在晚上九点后回复。除非在晚上 9 点之后发生紧急状况,请家 长们直接联系宿舍校长。 

4. 如面对疑虑或有疑问的时候,我们鼓励学生们主动与职员们交谈。请家长们支持寄宿项目 并鼓励孩子们直接与宿舍职员们沟通。

  1. 想要到访宿舍的家长或监护人们只有在事前与宿舍校长作出安排才能到访。我方鼓励家长 或监护人们事前通知以避免孩子们不在宿舍的情况。 
  2. 为了时刻保护其他学生的隐私,家长或监护人们在未经许可下,不能陪同孩子进入他们的 房间。
  3.  学生们需遵循宿舍固定时间表包括晚间自修功课时段。建议家长或监护人们安排在自修时 段外到访。我方会特别体恤海外到访的家长们。
  1. 如果家长们想让孩子周末离开宿舍,家长们需在周四 5 点前电邮或信息宿舍校长。这是为 了确保周末安排可妥善地规划。如果没有及时通知,宿舍校长可以拒绝外出要求。 
  2. 请提供孩子们外出及返回宿舍的日期和时间。 
  3. 在任何情况下,宿舍或职员们都不用对在周末,公共假日及假期获准外出的学生们负责, 其中包括医疗紧急状况。寄住家长需要为孩子的健康与行为负责。
  4. 一旦获得家长们的许可,所有寄住家长与学生们之间的安排将会落实。
  1. 宿舍押金将用作于杂费支付,其中包括短途旅行,看诊,购买文具等等。 
  2. 学生可通过宿舍校长取得这笔钱。 
  3. 所有未使用的金钱将会在学期末交还给家长们。
  4.  所有存款使用数额出入将被记录。
  1. 寄宿项目是为学生们进入学院和大学前做准备。考虑到这一点,我们积极地推动自律,建 设性沟通及从错误中学习。 
  2. 重要的是,宿舍职员和家长们需共同努力以促进及教导学寄宿生们如何自我管理及学习有 助于他们在离校后的关键技能。 
  3. 如您有任何疑惑或疑问,请通过电邮或通话方式联系宿舍校长。
  1. 周末会有选择性的短途旅行供孩子们在监督下参与。其中包括乘船,乐高乐园之旅或是周 末外出。这些短途旅行让孩子们能暂离宿舍,对于发展孩子们的社交及情绪技巧是不可或 缺的。 
  2. 请鼓励孩子们参与这些安排好的活动。短途旅行的费用将由学生们自付并不包括在寄宿费 用中。我方会避免安排太昂贵的短途旅行。 
  3. 每个周末都会有交通接送孩子到商场购物或是看电影。宿舍职员将时刻跟随以应付紧急状 况。



Christian Choyce 


Rules and Procedures for RAS Boarding 2021-2022

  1. You are always to be polite and respectful to the staff members that live and perform duties in the boarding facility. The staff will always respect you and expect the same.  
  2. Swearing is not allowed and will not be tolerated. It is an inappropriate way of dealing with your emotions. 
  3. Greet staff and engage in a conversation when appropriate.  
  4. You are not allowed to fight or be involved in physical altercations with staff or students. This shows you do not know how to handle conflict situations. Instead, talk and explain your emotions and opinions.  
  5. Do not shout or raise your voice to staff or students when dealing with an issue. Remember, politeness and honesty will get you further.  
  6. Dishonesty and deceitful behavior are unacceptable. Be honest and accountable for your actions always. You decided to act a certain way, and you must now face the consequences truthfully.  
  7. You are not allowed to run or play ball games in the boarding facility. 
  8. You are encouraged to share your opinions with staff and fellow peers, but it is your responsibility to voice your opinions in a calm and respectful tone.  
  9. You are not allowed to enter another student dormitory room without permission. 10. You may not give your access card to a friend. You are the only person allowed to use your access card. 
  10. No gambling may take place in the boarding facility at any time.
  1. There is to be no physical contact between students in the boarding facility.  
  2. Physical contact is considered a serious offense and will be dealt with by the Superintendent and Director of Boarding that could result in expulsion. 
  3. If a student believes that he or she is physically or emotionally bullied and targeted. The student should approach the Director of Boarding immediately. This will be dealt in a  confidential manner.  
  4. If a student has been physically harmed, the student must report the incident immediately. 5. Emotional bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  5. Emotional bullying can include but is not limited to the following incidents: Name-calling, social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat), abuse and ridicule, name shaming,  threats. 
  6. A student must report any emotional abuse immediately so that a staff member can intervene and monitor the situation. Again, this is all handled in a confidential manner.  
  7. Students may not force other students to do things for them, i.e., Clean dormitory rooms, carry plates, bring food from the cafeteria, etc.
  1. There is to be no physical or intimate contact between students in the common boarding areas or at school facilities. 
  2. Students may not walk into the school buildings during weekends where there is no visibility. Only certain facilities will be open to students on the weekend.  
  3. Students may interact together in common areas on weekends. These include the basketball courts, gym, cafeteria swimming pool, as well as the football pitch and immediate vicinity outside the boarding facility. There is to be no physical contact between boys and girls. 
  4. On weekends, staff members will be walking around campus, so be aware that these rules should always be followed. 
  5. Students may not visit each other’s boarding houses and dormitories. This is a serious offense if done. Only meet on the ground floor common areas.
  1. You must be in your dormitory for study sessions. Only at 20:00 may you, with permission from a staff member, work with another student till 21:00. 
  2. You are to sit at your desk during study sessions. You do not work on your bed at school, and you will also maintain focus at your desk. 
  3. Study sessions start at 7:00 pm, and you must be ready by this time. The study session will finish at 9:00 pm. Study break is from 7:50 till 8:00 pm, and there is a snack on the ground floor.  Grade 11 and 12 students will have an extra study session from 9:15 pm – 9:45 pm.
  4. Doors must be open using the doorstopper. This is so you can be monitored. Staff will walk into your dormitory and ask about homework and even converse about academic progress.  This is to make sure that you are comfortable with your homework, and it is an opportunity for you to ask for advice if needed. Your dorm room light must be switched on. 
  5. Mobile phones must be handed in prior to study sessions and must be turned off.  
  6. Laptops may be used for academic work during study sessions. Do not connect to any social media applications that will distract you. This includes but is not limited to WeChat mobile, Twitter and  Facebook. Your laptop screen should be visible to the duty staff member when working. 
  7. There is no such thing as “no homework.” You are expected to continue with academic work from 7:00 till 9:00 pm. If homework is completed, you are encouraged to enrich yourself with chapters or content discussed in class in the coming lessons. You can also practice the work you have studied by taking self-tests. There is also a variety of content made available to you by teachers that is available for you to work through.  
  8. You are not allowed to sleep during study sessions or ask to sleep before 9:00 pm. You must learn self-discipline and time management during study sessions and plan accordingly.  
  9. If you require extra study time after 9:00 pm, you must ask the staff member on duty for permission.  Only a maximum of 1 hour may be given, and this is so that you still get the required amount of sleep.  
  10. Do not leave projects or intensive homework for the night before. You will complete a subpar piece of work. Rather, manage your time and plan accordingly from the time you are given the homework or project so that it is completed at least the day before to identify any last-minute changes to improve the work.  
  11. If homework is not completed, be honest with your teacher and tell them why it has not been completed. Do not look for excuses if there is not one. This is so you become accountable for your actions and face the consequences that you are given. 
  12. There are no printing facilities at boarding. Please do not leave the printing to the last minute.  You may only print at school. 
  13. Internet during study sessions may only be used for academic content.  
  14. You are not allowed to make or receive phone calls during study sessions. If there is an emergency, ask the staff member on duty for permission to use your mobile. 
  15. You are not allowed to walk around or talk during study sessions. This is so you respect other students who are busy with homework and do not want to be distracted.  
  16. Do not plagiarize when doing homework or a project. For example, never copy and paste from the internet. 
  17. Please use earphones when if needed while studying (academic work).
  1. Students are expected to complete all homework and assignments on time. 
  2. Boarding staff liaise and meet teachers regularly to receive updates on students’ progress and performance and will liaise with students if needed. 
  3. The Director of Boarding will discuss academic progress with students on an individual basis and formulate action plans if need be. 
  4. Teachers will also let the Director of Boarding know when a student has not completed homework or is not meeting the criteria to pass.  
  5. You will be punished according to the boarding discipline policy if homework is not completed in a timely manner.
  1. You are expected to be sleeping at the required time. You may not use any mobile device after bedtime. This is to make sure you get the required amount of sleep. 
  2. There is to be no noise after bedtime. This includes talking and listening to music. 
  3. You are not allowed to walk around after bedtime. Make sure you go to the bathrooms before your bedtime.  
  4. You are not allowed to receive or make phone calls after lights out. 
  5. Doors are to be kept unlocked during the night. This is important so staff can check you are sleeping and not on a mobile device as well as easy access if there is an emergency. 
  6. Students residing on the 1st floor will hand in both mobile devices and laptops. Students residing on other floors may only hand in mobile phones.
  1. You will have an inspection every morning at 7:20 am.  
  2. Your room must be clean. Throw away rubbish (trashcan on the ground floor). Make sure your clothes are packed away and that you have opened your curtains. Your bed must also be made up for inspection. Finally, make sure the air-conditioner and lights are switched off.  
  3. You may hang posters and other personal effects in your room. Make sure that you do not use nails or adhesive that will damage the walls. Material needs to be appropriate. 
  4. Your air-conditioner must not be lower than 23 degrees at any time. It is important that you turn off your air-conditioner when you leave your dormitory room at all times.  
  5. Hang your towels up after use on the towel rack in your room. 
  6. You may not have any electrical equipment in your room. This includes small appliances such as a toaster, oven, fridge, and kettle.  
  7. If something Is broken, please fill out the maintenance form and indicate the problem. 8. You are to eat and make food in the common area. You are not allowed to eat in your dorm room. Water is ok to consume in your room.  
  8. There will be a room tidy-up every Sunday evening at 5 pm, and staff will do a room check shortly after.
  9. You are not allowed to put up stickers or paintings that will cause the paint to peel. 11. All damages caused to the dormitory room will be charged to the student’s account.
  1. Please keep all toiletries in your room. For example, you may not leave toothbrushes, soap, and towels in the bathroom. 
  2. Please keep the showers clean after use. Discard any empty bottles of soap and shampoo.  3. Do not shower for longer than five minutes in order to conserve water. 
  3. Flush the toilet after use, make sure the toilet stall is clean when you are finished, and wash your hands. 
  4. You must shower at least once a day. In addition, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day. 
  5. Please wash your hands before mealtimes.  
  6. Please wear appropriate attire when leaving the bathroom as staff lives on the floor. Please make sure you are dressed and covered up.
  1. You are encouraged to use campus facilities during the weekend. These include the outdoor basketball and tennis courts. 
  2. You may only use the pool under the supervision of a lifeguard. Do not go swimming without an adult present.  
  3. If you are using the campus facilities, make sure you sign out at security so that staff are aware of your location. This should be done before leaving. 
  4. You may not access any area that is locked.  
  5. If you would like to use an area that is locked, ask a staff member if it’s possible to unlock it. This may include a classroom etc.  
  6. Be respectful of all areas that you use. If something breaks or is damaged, report it to the  Director of Boarding. 
  7. On weekends, you are expected to be back in the boarding house by 9 pm.
  1. There is a wide range of activities on offer to suit all needs, so look around and choose one or more that will challenge you and teach you valuable skills.  
  2. You are encouraged to participate in at least one CCA per term.
  1. Report any problems to the Director of Boarding through the maintenance form. This includes any issues in your dormitory room. 
  2. Be vigilant around the boarding facility and report any problems you encounter. This may include the bathrooms, TV, furniture, etc. 
  3. The sooner a problem is reported, the quicker it will be fixed or repaired.  4. If you have damaged something, be honest and report the incident to the Director of  Boarding.  
  4. If you have broken something or the problem is serious, you are to contact the Director of  Boarding and not use the maintenance form.
  1. When leaving the dormitories, please write where and when you will return to the security desk. Include time left- where you are going and when you will return. 
  2. This is important so that staff knows where you are in case of an emergency.  
  3. Where possible, keep your phone on and with you in case we need to contact you.
  1. Leaving the boarding facility without permission or after hours is a serious offense. Do not take the risk, rather ask. 
  2. You are not allowed to leave the boarding facility after 9:00 pm for any reason. 
  3. Such an act will be immediately dealt with by the Director of Boarding and Superintendent and could lead to expulsion or suspension from the boarding facility.
  1. You may only use school transport when made available.  
  2. Grab is allowed under special circumstances and not for everyday use. Meeting friends and going to the mall are not special circumstances. Parent consent is needed.  
  3. Only high school students from Grade 10 may use Grab under exceptional circumstances and with permission from parents. 
  4. If using Grab, it is your responsibility to make sure you have enough cash to pay and that you are home at the agreed time. Under no circumstances may you blame the use of Grab for missing a deadline of return.  
  5. Be vigilant when using Grab and have the Director of Boarding mobile number on speed dial in the event of a problem.  
  6. Always send your friend the details of your trip and Grab driver details so that someone else knows your movements in the event of an emergency.  

7. You are encouraged to arrange off-campus transport with a friend’s parent or in advance so that a school driver can be booked.

  1. Students will not be allowed to leave boarding for day trips alone, i.e., Going to the mall, dinner.  This is for safety reasons.  
  2. Only when students are cared for by an adult will students be allowed to leave for the day and return to boarding on the same day. This is under special circumstances and needs to be approved.  
  3. Transport rules regarding Grab must also be followed should a student leave for day 
  4. Where possible, students should arrange to spend the night with the relevant guardian/parent.
  1. You will be given a laundry bag to put all clothes in that need to be washed. 
  2. Laundry and cleaning of dormitories will take place twice a week. You are to put your laundry bag outside your dormitory room before leaving for breakfast. 
  3. Please always keep valuables locked in your personal safe.  
  4. All clothing must be clearly labeled with the student’s name. 
  5. Please throw all rubbish in your trashcan and leave it outside your room in the morning for collection. 
  6. Students may do their own laundry on weekends only.
  1. The emergency evacuation procedure will be practiced once a quarter. Refer to the evacuation section for details. 
  2. If an alarm sounds, you are to immediately exit the building via the emergency exit doors at the end of the floor. Use the stairs and move swiftly downstairs.
  3. You may not stay behind to take personal items with you.  
  4. The assembly point will be on the football pitch on the swimming poolside. 
  5. Staff will take roll call and account for every student on the football pitch. 
  6. The Director of Boarding will account for all staff and the overall count for students. 
  7. Only once the Director of Boarding and consulted with emergency services may students return to the boarding facility.
  1. Please make sure you have read the daily routine and familiarized yourself with both the daily and weekend routines.  
  2. The routines are posted on the noticeboard on your floor.  
  3. It is your responsibility to make sure you are at the assigned venues at the correct times according to the daily routine. 
  4. During free time, you may use the campus facilities. Please refer to the ‘Campus Facilities and Swimming Pool Use’ section.
  1. A specific staff member is assigned each night of the week to monitor the daily routine and study sessions. 
  2. Questions should be directed to the staff member on duty and not staff that are in their apartment who are not on duty.  
  3. Only the staff member on duty may direct you to the Director of Boarding if needed. 4. Your first port of call for problems and questions is the assigned staff member on duty on the night. Please respect other staff living in the boarding facility that are not on duty. 
  1. Students should not play ball games or gamble when socializing in dormitory rooms. 
  2. No food or drink (water only) may be consumed in dormitory rooms. Please use the common room areas for this. 
  3. Do not intentionally break anything in your room. If something does break or does not work, please fill out the maintenance form.  
  4. Under no circumstance are students to access the windows unless opening them for fresh air. Do not attempt to climb outside.  
  5. Do not make excessive noise while listening to music, watching a movie, or socializing with friends inside a dormitory room.  
  6. Students are required to bring a personal box or Tupperware to store foodstuffs and makeup etc.
  1. Students are encouraged to socialize with one another. Boys and girls can only socialize in the common room area on the ground floor of the boarding facility. 
  2. There is a common room area on every floor with a TV. 
  3. On the first floor of every boarding house, there is a larger common room area with a fridge,  microwave, and water dispenser. You can keep extra food and drinks in the fridge. Make sure your name is clearly marked on all foodstuff.  
  4. Do not take other students’ food or drink that is in the common fridge. 
  5. You must clean up after using the microwave and common area to eat. Do not use metal or  foil in the microwave. 
  6. Make sure you switch the air conditioner off when you are finished watching TV or eating. 
  7. Please do not leave personal belongings in the common area, such as clothes or mobile devices. 
  8. You are required to sign out any equipment you may want to use. Equipment is kept by security at boarding.

Students are to fill out a leave form by Wednesday evening and give it to the Director of Boarding if they are going home or visiting a friend for the weekend. 

  1. If a student is visiting a friend or person other than immediate family, then parents should email the Director of Boarding before Thursday evening. The email must give permission to leave campus, details of transport, details about who the student is visiting, and any other important information. Permission will be required from both student parents and host parents before the leave is granted.  
  2. Students must return by 6 pm on Sunday evening unless arranged to arrive before school starts on Monday morning.  
  3. Students must return the day before school starts for a new semester or term. 
  4. Midweek leave is only allowed under exceptional circumstances. Parents must email the  Director of Boarding with the required information for approval. 
  5. Leave forms are available from the Director of Boarding and the ground floor and must be filled out by Wednesday evening.  
  6. A student must produce permission to leave form to security when asked. The form will state that you have permission to leave campus and will have a RAS boarding stamp.  
  7. Under no circumstances may you leave campus without the direct consent of the duty staff member. Do not send a text. You must communicate off-campus trips in person. 
  8. 8. If staying in over the weekend, you are only allowed to leave the boarding facility for a  special occasion. A bus leaves for the mall every Saturday and gives students ample time to meet friends and socialize. Leave will not be given outside the mall visit for meeting friends to socialize. Only special circumstances, I.e., Birthday parties, special dinners, and functions. A request must be made in advance for special occasions and not on the day of the event.
  9. Day trips for students are not allowed unless for special circumstance which needs to be approved. 
  10. Weekend leave may be canceled due to discipline issues.
  1. There will be weekend trips for students who do not go home. 
  2. Each weekend, there is a bus that will take students to the mall for a meal or movie as well as personal shopping. There will be staff supervision at the mall. Students are expected to pay for their own expenses at the mall. 
  3. Please check the weekend activity schedule for planned trips and events.
  1. Students must use their personal safes in the room for all valuable items such as money,  documents, and important devices. 
  2. No students should leave money accounted for in their dormitory room. 
  3. Students are responsible for the safekeeping of all their own valuables.  
  4. Students should not keep large amounts of money on themselves and should ask the Director of Boarding to keep any large amounts of money.  
  5. School and boarding cannot be held responsible for missing items if not kept in your personal safe.
  1. Students pay for private tuition themselves and arrange it. 
  2. Students with a tutor will tell the staff on duty if they will be working with a private tutor during study sessions. 
  3. The Boarding Director is available to help source private tutors if need be.
  1. Parents must write to the Boarding nurse about any medication that students are taking. Students are to give medicines to RAS staff and may only take medicine at the clinic or by RAS boarding staff. This information must be included on the Boarding admissions form. 
  2. No medicine is to be kept in the dorm rooms.  
  3. The boarding nurse is on call during the evenings in case of an emergency. 
  4. For emergencies, the school will transport the students to the hospital or doctor depending on the severity of the condition. Parents will be informed immediately should a student be taken to hospital.  
  5. Students must tell duty staff if they feel sick as soon as possible, then they must go and see the nurse in the clinic during clinic times.  
  6. If students are not feeling well at night and it is not life-threatening, the duty staff member will do their best to make a student feel comfortable until they can visit the clinic in the morning.  The nurse will also be contacted for advice.  
  7. Students can visit the clinic from 7:00 am till 7:30 am and again after school from 3:00 pm till  5:00 pm and 6:00 pm till 6:45 pm. 
  8. All medicines must be given to the school nurse or RAS boarding staff with a doctor’s clear instructions. All medicines must be taken in the clinic under the supervision of the school  nurse or under supervision of RAS boarding staff. 
  9. When students are signed out from boarding, any medical care needed should be addressed by the host or parent as needed.
  1. Students are not allowed to consume any form of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products. 2. None of the items listed above may be kept on school property. 
  2. If a student is found using any of the banned products, then a formal disciplinary hearing will take place with the Superintendent, which may lead to expulsion.  
  3. Staff may inspect dormitories at any time. This will occur with two staff members present to ensure the safety of both staff and students.  
  4. Students may not buy any of the products mentioned above from day students at the school. 
  5. Students may not consume any of the products mentioned above while off-campus, i.e., at the mall, on excursions, or at a function.
  6. Students may not keep any weapons such as knives, etc., even for decorative purposes.
  1. Internet and Wi-Fi are available in the boarding facility until 10:30 pm every night when it will be turned off to ensure students get a good sleep. 
  2. Students will follow the school policy on internet usage; restricted and unacceptable websites may not be accessed. 
  3. Students should avoid excessive downloading and streaming. Do not use torrent clients at school. If students are deemed to be abusing this system, then access will be restricted or revoked. 
  4. Electronic devices may not be used after 10:30 pm. This includes using your own data plan. 5. Devices may be confiscated if used after hours.
  1. All students should be at roll call to be counted. If a student needs to miss roll call, they should use the sign-out list. This applies to school functions and any other responsibilities that students need to take care of during roll call. 
  2. Students should attend and eat all meals unless a staff member has given permission. 
  3. If a student is to be away for a meal, they need to speak to the relevant staff member in advance to make sure the cafeteria can avoid making food. 
  4. If a student requires a takeaway meal as they cannot make a meal, the student will need to communicate this to the staff member on duty to arrange it. The meal will be bought down to boarding and left in the common fridge.  
  5. If a student is allergic to any foodstuffs, please communicate this to the Director of Boarding to communicate with the cafeteria. 
  6. Roll calls will take place at mealtimes or at the ground floor common room as directed by staff.
  1. Girls may not wear any clothes that show their mid-drift. Spaghetti tops are also not allowed.  2. Boys may not wear vests in common areas unless playing sport.  
  2. Correct school dress must be worn when attending school, and inspection will occur at morning roll call.
  1. Day students may stay at boarding for a set period should there be an emergency; the Director of Boarding must give prior permission. 
  2. Trial period may happen at boarding should a day student wish to join. Trial periods will last for one week only, and students are expected to follow the rules as applied to a regular boarding student.
  1. Only boarding students are allowed into the boarding dormitories. The boarding facility is a  privilege and thus reserved for boarding students. Day students may visit with an invitation from a boarding student. Day students may not access dormitories and should leave the facility by 5 pm.  
  2. To access the boarding facility, you must use your access card and swipe in at the main entrance. From there, use the elevator to gain access to your floor. 
  3. Do not try to access another boarding facility via lift or stairs. Only access your boarding block.  
  4. You are not allowed to access the opposite sex boarding facility at all.  
  5. Under no circumstances may you use the emergency exit doors to exit or access the boarding facility unless it is an emergency. These doors have an alarm that will be activated if used. 
  6. If there is an emergency, an alarm will sound throughout the boarding facility.  
  7. A security warden stationed on the ground floor monitors the facility’s access and will detect if you are entering a boarding block that you are not allowed to access.  
  8. You may not give your access card to a friend. You are the only person allowed to use your access card.
  1. There are cameras on every floor as well as the common room area downstairs 
  2. There is also a camera at the entrance where access to the boarding facility is located.  
  3. There are cameras at every lift area to monitor students’ access to boarding blocks. 4. In the event of an incident occurring, the CCTV footage will be examined and produced as evidence.  
  4. There are no CCTV cameras in bathrooms, showers, or dormitories in order to respect privacy.
  1. The Director of Boarding is available in the Boarding office from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.  
  2. You may visit without an appointment during the times listed above for any concerns or reasons.  
  3. If you require a private meeting outside the times listed above, please contact the Director of  Boarding to schedule an appropriate time.  
  4. The Director of Boarding may schedule meetings with you if it is needed.
  1. All students in boarding will follow the school’s code of conduct regarding behavior and acceptable practices. 
  2. All students are to follow the rules set out in this handbook for boarding practices. 
  3. The Boarding facility disciplinary procedure will be listed at the end of the rules section. Should rules in this book be abuse, the disciplinary procedure for Boarding will be followed.


6:30 am: Morning bell. 

6:30 am – 7:00 am: Shower time. 

7:15 am: Roll call and uniform check. Staff check to make sure rooms are neat and tidy. Be ready for inspection at 7:20 am. 

7:20 am – 7:50 am: Breakfast and announcements. 

7:50 am: Classes – Students bring school bags and materials to breakfast. Students may visit the clinic till 8:05 am. 

11:45 am – 1:00 pm: Lunch – according to the academic timetable. 

3:15 pm – 5:00 pm: Extra-curricular activities. 

5:00pm – 5:45pm: Free time, shower time. 

6:00pm: Dinner. Staff to check all students at dinner. 

6:30 pm – 6:45 pm: Shower time (Thursday meeting at 6:30 pm). 

6:50 pm: Mobile devices handed in for study session. 

7:00 pm – 7:50 pm: 1st study session. 

7:50 pm – 8:00 pm: Break (10 minutes) and snack time. 

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm: 2nd study session. 

9:15 pm – 9:45 pm: 3rd study session (Grade 11, 12). 

9:00 pm – 9:45 pm: Free time if not in the 3rd study session (laptop for games, etc.) or shower time. 

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm: Bedtime and quiet time according to age and grade.


Weekends – Saturday 

10:00 am: Morning bell. 

10:30 am: Shower time. 

11:00 am – 11:30 am: Brunch and roll call (Roll call taken at brunch). 

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Depart for a trip to the mall or excursion. 

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Shower time and free time. 

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Supper with roll call. 

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Movie Night or Games Night / free time. 

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm: Shower time and free time. 

11:00pm: Bedtime for all students. 

If students would like to do prep during Movie Night or Games Night, permission will be given by duty staff.


Weekends – Sunday  

9:30 am: Morning bell. 

9:30 am – 10:00 am: Shower time. 

10:00 am – 10:30 am: Breakfast and roll call. 

10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Free time (students may play and use facilities on campus). Use sign-out sheet. 

12:30 pm: Lunch and roll call. 

1:00pm – 5:00pm: Mentoring / Community Outreach / Free time. 

5:00 pm: All boarders must return from home. 

5:45 pm: Room inspection before dinner. 

5:45 pm: Roll call and announcements on the 1st floor. Discussion of coming week’s schedule and events. 

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Dinner.  

6:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Free time/shower. 

7:00 pm – 7:50 pm: 1st study session. 

7:50 pm – 8:00 pm: Break. 

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm: 2nd study session. (No 3rd study session.) 

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm: Bedtime and quiet time according to age and grade.

List of Infringements and Consequences (General Behavior)

Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1. Disobedient, swearing, rude behavior and insubordination towards staff a member Black Mark. 30-minute boarding detention and letter of warning. Letter to parent – 1-hour boarding detention. 2nd warning letter.
2. Dishonesty or deceitfulness 30-minute boarding detention. Letter to parent. 1- hour boarding detention. Hearing with the Superintendent, Director of Boarding.
3. Running or playing ball games Black Mark. Black Mark. 30-minute boarding detention.
4. Fighting 1-hour boarding detention. Conference with the Superintendent, Director of Boarding for further sanctions.
5. Bullying and cyberbullying 1-hour boarding detention. Conference with the Superintendent, Director of Boarding for further sanctions.
6. Theft Conference with Director of Boarding and superintendent. Parents called.
7. In possession of age-inappropriate materials, both digital and paper-based Letter to parents. 1-hour boarding detention. Inform the Superintendent if serious. Conference with superintendent and Director of Boarding. 3-day in boarding suspension.
8. Intentional damage to boarding property 1-hour detention. Letter to parents for damage repairs. Letter to parents. 3-day boarding suspension. Conference with the Superintendent,Director of Boarding and parents.
9. Smoking As per school code of conduct – 3x strike policy.
10. In possession of smoking paraphernalia As per school code of conduct – 3x strike policy.
11. In possession of alcohol As per the school code of conduct.
12. Consumption of alcohol and drugs As per the school code of conduct.
13. In possession of dangerous weapons As per the school code of conduct.
14. Inappropriate affection between boys and girls As per the school code of conduct.
15. Inappropriate sexual actions between boys and girls As per the school code of conduct.
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
  1. Not at study/homework session
Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention. Permission to leave boarding revoked (1x weekend).
2. Not at a desk during  study sessions Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
3. Not ready at the start of a study session Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
  1. Use of mobile devices during study/homework sessions.
Confiscation of mobile devices for a period of one day. Sim card to stay in the phone, including Black Mark. Phone confiscated for one week and 30- minute boarding  detention Letter to parent and mobile device confiscated for a quarter.
5. Using a laptop for non-academic purposes Black Mark. Laptop confiscated for  1-week and letter of  warning Letter to parent. The laptop confiscated for  2-weeks.
  1. Homework not  completed
Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention. Letter to parent.
7. Disrupting study/homework sessions. Work with a duty staff member and Black Mark. 30-minute detention 1-hour detention.
  1. Continuously not  doing homework- more  than twice in one week
Mobile phone removed for 2 -days – Monitored study sessions. Phone removed for 1 -week- parents informed. Phone removed for the term- parents  informed. Extra study sessions.
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1. Not in the dormitory at  bedtime Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention. 
2. Use of mobile devices  after bedtime Confiscation of mobile devices for a period of one day. Sim card to stay in phone and Black  Mark. Phone confiscated for one week, and Black Mark. Letter to parent and mobile device confiscated for a term.
3. Making noise or  disturbing other  students after bedtime Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
4. More than one phone  not handed in 2nd phone removed – given back end of term.
5. Using a laptop for non-academic purposes Black Mark. Laptop confiscated for  1-week and letter of  warning Letter to parent. The laptop confiscated for  2-weeks.
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1. Waking up late or not  ready for school Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
2. Not making your bed Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1. Room untidy (clothes or  shoes not packed away,  towels on the floor) Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
2. Rubbish not in bin and bed  not made Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
3. Air conditioner below 23  degrees Black Mark. Black Mark. 30-minute boarding detention.
4. Eating and drinking in the dormitory Warning /Food and drink confiscated and Black Mark. 30-minute boarding detention/food and drink confiscated. 1-hour boarding detention.
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1.Leave without permission Superintendent,  Director of Boarding and parents informed.  Disciplinary hearing
2. Not back by 6 pm on  Sunday Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention.
3. Out of boarding facility  after 9 pm but on campus Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour boarding detention. Permission to leave boarding revoked (1x weekend).
4.Using incorrect transport i.e., grab when not allowed to. Parents informed.  Disciplinary hearing. 2nd phone removed – given back end of term.
5.Not signing out at security 30-minute boarding detention. 45-minute boarding detention. 1-hour boarding detention.  Permission to leave boarding revoked (1x weekend).
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1. Late for mealtimes Black Mark Black Mark 1-hour detention
2. Misbehaving in the  cafeteria Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour detention
3.Failure to clean up after meals Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour detention
4. Food wastage Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour detention
Infringement: Listed below Consequences
1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence
1.Rough play in the common rooms Black Mark Black Mark 1-hour detention
2. Failure to clean up Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour detention
3.Not sharing the facilities Black Mark. Black Mark. 1-hour detention

For major offenses: RAS Boarding follows a 3x strike policy. This means normal consequences will follow for major incidents according to both boarding and school discipline code. However, should a student be caught a 3rd time for the same offense, then the school and boarding may ask a student to leave the school and/or boarding through expulsion.

Students will receive a black mark for infringements that warrant a warning. Three black marks will result in a 1hour boarding detention. 

  1. Detention will take place on the following days and times: 
  2. Friday 7 pm till 8 pm 
  3. Sunday 2 pm till 3 pm 
  4. Staff will communicate with you when and if you are required to attend detention. 3. Students may not use mobiles or laptops during detention and must follow all rules regarding detentions.
  1. Staff on duty may decide on the following courses of action in addition to the above discipline chart – These actions may take place immediately. 
  • Missed meals = No mall trip. 
  • Missed meals = 20 minute make-up detention.
  • Incorrect use of mobile – take away till next day.
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