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Update: Camp 3 is full

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Is there any health condition or any limitations on your child's physical ability that the school should be aware of?
Is your child on daily medication?
Do the camp staff need to administer the medicine to the child during the day?
Please choose the medication that NOT allowed to give to your child
Terms and Conditions
Checking the box and clicking submit affirms my understanding of the following: 1. I have read and understand the above requirements for Admissions to RAS. 2. I understand that it is extremely important to the admissions and potential enrollment of my child that I fully disclose requested information and have not falsified any documentation provided. If requested by the school I will take responsibility to provide document authentication/proof of eligibility. I understand that denial of admission or possible dismissal from RAS may result if I failed to provide accurate, authentic information during the admissions procedure. 3. I understand RAS may contact my child’s previous school for further records or questions. 4. I understand that completion of this application does not guarantee my child a seat at RAS. 5. We understand that RAS reserves all rights and interests in any of the intellectual property including all current and future rights without limitation to copyright, photos, images, videos; trademark; patent; industrial design and any other title and interest with respect to or derived from the website, school modules, camp modules and activities, extra-curricular activities, student activities conducted by the school inside or outside of the school’s compound, whether or not registered, and such title and interest shall be owned and remain the sole property of RAS.

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