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  • Grade 9 Science
  • AP Biology
  • IBSL and HL Biology
  • Extended Essay
Certifications & Education:
  • M(Ed) Pastoral Care, Guidance and Student Support
  • Bachelors in Biology
  • PGDE Secondary Science and Biology
  • General Teaching Council for Scotland | Biology & Science
  • Texas Teacher Certification
  • Texas Education Agency | Life Sciences & TEFL/TESOL (level 5)
Teaching Experience:
  • Scotland
  • Tanzania, Africa
  • Singapore
  • Dallas, Texas
Ongoing Professional Development:
  • British Council for EAL/ELL
  • Enrolled to attend the Ditch That Textbook Summit

Lisa has been a licensed science teacher in various countries for over ten years, which culminated in being Department Chair for Science in her previous position in the USA. She has a particular interest in the health and well-being of her students, which led to a Masters in Education in Pastoral Care, Guidance and Student Support with one of the oldest universities in Europe. This was completed as she trained as an International Baccalaureate Specialist in Biology in Singapore. As a result of her experiences with students from over 70 nationalities in Singapore, her thesis focused on researching good practice in intercultural education.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys working with underprivileged children. Her first experience was when she was 19 years old (whilst studying her undergraduate in Biology) in a behavioral unit in a local school
in Scotland. One of her most memorable experiences was when she traveled to Tanzania during her summer break to work with children through a humanitarian and education based society at the University of Aberdeen- for which she was also the publicity manager. Lisa has also worked with a children’s home in Johor and looks forward to further helping the local community. She also enjoys traveling with her husband (especially to try local delicacies), nature trails, photography, dancing and reading.

She has a nurturing teaching philosophy that emphasizes the holistic development of students, fostering not only their academic growth but also their emotional, social, and personal well-being. This involves creating a classroom atmosphere that is supportive, encouraging, and inclusive. This involves promoting positive interactions among students and between students and herself. Establishing strong teacher-student relationships is crucial to her. A nurturing philosophy emphasizes the importance of trust, respect, and open communication between her and the students. Valuing and respecting the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of students- she aims to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. Lastly, providing feedback that is constructive and focused on growth. She understands that mistakes are opportunities for learning and improvement. Mrs. Welsh is also a proud Senior Executive Committee advisor.

During the pandemic when everyone was Zooming, her ex-students from Singapore set up a call. The whole class made it and were speaking from many different countries and continents. She spoke to now a doctor (MD), doctor to be (PhD), engineer, teacher, marketing (and model), and biochemist as well as other great paths. It was a very proud moment for her.

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