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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

  • Middle School Mandarin
  • High School Mandarin
Certifications & Education:
  • Wawasan Open University (Malaysia) | Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • University Tunku Abdul Rahman | Bachelors in Chinese Studies
Teaching Experience:
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
Ongoing Professional Development:
  • Cultivating Resilience Strategies | Happiness Initiative
  • Kagan Live Online: Kagan Cooperative Learning | Kagan Publishing & Professional Development
  • PowerPoint with Gamification | Spark of Wisdom
  • Synergizing, Strengthening, Sustaining Conference | IAF Asia 2019
  • Card-games, Slides and Learning Sheets | Innovation and Creative Cultural Technology Co. Ltd
  • International School Chinese Language Education Conference (ISCLE) Workshop
  • Than Hsiang’s Volunteer Training Course 2018 | Than HsiangMitra Welfare Centre
  • Cambridge IGCSE Chinese First Language 0509 Extension | Cambridge International Examinations
  • Google Classroom Gearing Towards 21st Century Classroom | Eduspec Holdings Bhd & Google for Education Partner

With 13 years of experience teaching Mandarin, she is poised to embark on her new journey at RAS, where she will be instructing middle school and high school students.

She earned her Bachelors (Honors) in Chinese Studies from Tunku Abdul Rahman University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Wawasan Open University. Her linguistic prowess extends beyond Mandarin and English; she is also fluent in Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien, and Cantonese.

In the past, she served as the exam coordinator for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), collaborating with the Confucius Center of University Malaya. This valuable experience provided her with practical understanding of Mandarin proficiency standards, which will undeniably benefit her students’ academic journey.

She goes beyond academic teaching by nurturing values of empathy, compassion, and integrity within her students. She firmly believes that fostering these qualities can contribute to building a better world – a world where individuals are empowered to lead with purpose and make a positive impact on their surroundings. As an experienced Chinese teacher, she confidently equips her students with not only the necessary language skills but also the values required to thrive in an interconnected, multicultural world.

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