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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Aime is a very lively person and she is very happy to be part of the Raffles team. Brazilian, married and an educator for ten years, she will join the Elementary School team as a third-grade teacher.

Aime holds a degree in Pedagogy and a bachelor’s in Humanistic Studies. She is also specialized in teaching English as a Second Language and she is currently studying Advanced Teaching Techniques for Elementary and Middle School Years for her master’s. 

Aime believes that every child is special in their own way and must be valued as they are. For her, education is a tool for change, and learning should be engaging and fun! Students learn better when they are happy and confident. 

Besides academics, Aime loves to be with her family and friends, play with her cats, and read a good book. In her free time, she likes to cook, watch movies and play board games.

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