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International Week

19th – 23rd October 2020

Each year, the 24th of October mark’s United Nations Day, a day that celebrates different countries from around the world coming together to form the United Nations. As part of our commitment to our students growing as global citizens, this year we decided to dedicate a week to celebrate and learn more about the cultural groups in our school community. 

This has been an opportunity for our school community to connect with one another as we learn and celebrate together. Throughout the school students engaged in different learning opportunities from listening to stories from videos made by parents in their Mother Tongue to investigating currency used in different countries. Each day in the cafeteria we ate foods representing the main cultural groups in our community and were risk-takers trying different foods with our friends. The week culminated in a day where we were all encouraged to wear clothes to represent our home country and also donate to the Red Crescent society to help others in our local community. Thank you to all our parents who supported these events and to our students and RAS staff for sharing and learning with one another as open-minded global citizens. 

-Mrs Anita


Student Photo competition

22nd October 2020

This Term the RPFE will be offering two (150RM) prizes for both Elementary and Secondary students. The theme for this term will be architecture. Submissions can be sent to For more information, please check our poster!

-Mr Ian


IB Info Session

6th October 2020 

On Tuesday, October 6, all RAS parents were invited to an informational session on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at Starbucks in Eco-Botanic. As a candidate school for the IBDP, Raffles will be adding the IBDP as a third pathway to graduation and university, joining the Advanced Placement (AP) and High School Diploma. Anyone who has missed this get together can contact Will Hope-Ross, the Curriculum and IBDP Coordinator for an alternate meeting.

-Mr Will


RPFE Meeting

6th October 2020

This week we held our monthly meeting with our members to discuss the upcoming IB program. Raffles American School is a candidate school for the IB program, this program will provide more choices for our students so that we now have 2 pathways to higher education. Additionally, we discussed upcoming events and updates for Elementary and Secondary.

-Mr Ian

RPFE Meeting Minutes

Items Discussed

Virtual WASC Visitation – Mr Lyle

  • Last week, there were 2 representatives from WASC doing the virtual visitation with our school.
  • The visiting team met with parents, students, teachers, and administrators virtually in order to validate the report that we submitted. 
  • The importance of WASC is to provide independent accreditation and to help our school to improve with our ongoing planning and to provide suggestions to ensure that our school is on track of our school goal, mission and improve overall performance.
  • The feedback from the visiting team has been very positive and will help guide us as we move forward. 
  • The final report will be made available to parents after school.

“Taking Action to help other” Activity – Ms Anita

  • The activity focuses on responsibility in caring.
  • The elementary school did gather all students’ opinions and received the suggestion of donating goods to other children outside of the school around Johor. Eg: an orphanage.
  • Items that can be brought into school any day during this week are nonperishable food and will be delivered to the Children’s Home next week

Report card

  • Elementary reports will be shared with parents this Friday 9 October.  Secondary will get their report card after the fall break.
  • This year,  the report card has slightly different and we will have a video coming up this week to explain the changes. 
  • The video will have English, Chinese, and Korean language.
  • The changing of the report card is just applicable for Elementary school and Middle school, High school report will remain the same.
  • This change is helping parents to easily understand where their children lack and which areas need to improve.
  • On Wednesday, 28th October, and Friday, 30th October our school will hold a “Parent-teacher conference” at the gymnasium. You must make appointments for these meetings. No children are allowed to attend.
  • There is more information regarding “Parent-Teacher conferences” to be published after the fall break.
  • The 29th of October is a public holiday and 30th of October is “Parent-Teacher Conferences” day and that is no school day also.

International Week

  • Held from 19th to 23rd October.
  • Each class will be celebrating their own class activities. 
  • Throughout the week school will have themed meals in the cafeteria with ideas from our student leaders.
  • On Friday, students will dress in their national costumes.
  • Elementary school will still need to have help from parents.


  • After the fall break, school starts CCAs on 19th October again.
  • Only students who are enrolled in a CCA can stay at school after 3 o’clock.
  • Students need to go back home if they don’t have CCA.

RPFE Activity:

1. Community Outreach Program with Rotary Community Academy

  • Encourage parents and students to participate in activities outside of the school to help other peoples and students. Because it is one of the ways for students to connect with the larger community.
  • This school has 11 Girls and 4 Boys, who come from dysfunctional families. Boys age range from 9yrs to 11yrs, girls form 7 yrs -15 yrs.

  a)Suggested activities

  • Cooking demonstrates: Japanese food, Korean food and etc  
  • Or any activity that parent expert in and could be done for a demo. For example lantern making
  • Activity for the boys
    • eg: woodcraft, plumber, or metalwork. 
    • The coding class will be one of the options.

  b)School Equipment

  • We could visit them once per term, art activity could be one of the activities.
  • They need art equipment: Colour pencils, drawing boards, and other art supplies.

  c) Another suggestion: Invite the children to our school for doing activities such as rock climbing activity.

2. RPFE Beach Cleanup Day

  • Date: 21st November 
  • Location: Desaru Beach
  • Time: 10 am to 12 noon
  • Tiara Resort has kindly offered their toilets and can provide a buffet lunch at RM35 for a minimum of 30 people.
  1. ABC Soup
  2. 1 X Chicken Dish
  3. 1 X Fish Dish
  4. 1 X Vegetable Dish
  5. 1 X Salad with 3 types of dressings
  6. 1 X Steamed White Rice 
  7. 1 X Assorted Cut Fruits
  8. 1 X Pudding Jelly
  9. 1 X Malay Bubur
  10. Orange Cordial / Iced Water
  • The truck company will be contacted to pick up the bags of rubbish (cost is 400 ringgit).
  • We will distribute a google survey form to parents regarding this Beach clean-up activity.

3. Check this week’s Magazine for the new articles and to see the winner of our Photo Competition 

  • Encourage parents to read the term magazine if parents have any suggestions regarding the magazine could email to
  • Because parents’ feedback is valuable to our school.
  • This term Magazine has included this term student photo competition winner photo and next term photo competition themes.

Q&A Section


Elementary & Secondary CCA Registration

1st October 2020

Even though we had some technical issues with our CCA Registration on Wednesday, on Thursday everything ran very smoothly. Almost all students are registered to their preferred CCA and we are excited that the CCAs will start again after the October Holiday! See you then!

-Mr Lennart


RPFE Quiz Night

18th September 2020

Last Friday night, Raffles Parents for Education held their first virtual quiz night. From 8 pm to 10 pm, 9 teams competed fiercely against each other for a battle of wits and speed. The Winner of the competition was Pk3-12, Happy Shiny Teachers and team Tank came 2nd and 3rd respectively. Especially mentioned to our other teams, 5 squared, CZC, Fantasticos, Spaghetti Squad, A, Hu Family, Xuyonghua, Jessica, and Team Milroy. 

-Mr Ian


RPFE Meeting

1st September 2020

Our first meeting for the RPFE covered many topics including our upcoming Quiz Night, a Community enrichment discussion, RPFE Photography Competition, Fundraising focus, Flex Block Trivia Competition, Quarterly Magazine, News Desk, TOEFL Test Centre & Dates, WASC Virtual Visitation, SAT and AP results and Elementary Social Distancing & MAP testing. If parents would like to join the RPFE and be up to date with our events and activities, please email

Mr Ian


RPFE Meeting Minutes

  • WASC Virtual Visitation – October 1st and 2nd.
    • Routine mid-cycle visit.
    • Virtual Visitation will run via Zoom.
    • WASC will set up meetings with teachers, staff and parents.
    • If any parent is interested in the WASC meeting can contact Mr. Ian.
  • RPFE Quiz Night – Grand Prize
    • First event for the RPFE in 2020/2021 school year.
    • RPFE quiz night will be organized via online for parents and faculty.
    • Parents and faculty can form teams of up to 6 people.
    • Maximum number of teams is capped at 30.
    • Parents and faculty will receive an email on the 7th September which will include the link rules and regulations and further details on the quiz.
    • The RPFE has agreed to sponsor a winner for the quiz.
    • We still have about RM 16000 in fund (RPFE fund).
    • Winning prize will be a dining coupon for a restaurant : Parents have agreed to use about RM100 to RM150 for prize from the RPFE cash reserves. We will send out a Google Survey to confirm the amount/value of the prize. 
    • Quiz content will cover 8 categories such as Geography, movie trivia ,culture and general knowledge etc. Each category will have 15 questions.
    • If anyone needs more information about the Quiz Night could contact Mr. Ian or Ms Neveah via email to have more detail of the events. 
  • Community enrichment discussion
    • Suggestions from parents for enrichment community projects .Examples include :
      • a lunch once a term to support a business owned by one of our parents
      • Beach picnic and cleanup day at Desaru 
      • Family Bicycle challenge (a bike ride from RAS through Iskandar)
  • RPFE Photography Competition for students.
    • This competition is for RAS students.
    • A poster will be created around the school to promote the event/competition.
    • The winning photograph will be published in our quarterly magazine.
    • Parents will receive a google survey to confirm the prize amount. 
  • Fundraising focus
    • Last year we did fundraising for school, previous year we did fundraising for a Rohingya refugees school.
    • Will email RPFE members  to ask everyone for ideas on a fundraising focus. 
  • Trophy sponsorship for Flex Block Trivia Competition.
    • One of our school teachers has run the Trivia Competition for Secondary school.  students, and the teacher also has asked RPFE to sponsor a simple trophy. 
    • Through email to get the ideas or suggestions from parents regarding the simple trophy idea.
  • Magazine
    • Monthly magazine has changed to a quarterly magazine.
    • Monthly magazine readership is low which is why we are changing it to a quarterly magazine.
    • Encourage parents to click the link that sends via email and read through our article, as there is a lot of content that could be valuable to them. 
    • Our school magazine has a mandarin and english version.
    • Parents can email us to let us know which content/ areas that parents are interested in or would like to know from the school magazine as well as anything could be improved. Suggestions can be sent to Ms Karran.
  • News Desk
    • Replaces the weekly bulletin.
    • Parents can click on the link that Mr Lyle adds in his weekly email.
    • Every week our photographer will go around the classes and take some photos of the class activity for use in the News Desk.
    • Encourage parents to keep an eye on our News Desk and have a look at their child’s involvement in the class. 
  • TOEFL Test Centre & Dates
    • RAS is a fully certified TOEFL test centre.
    • RAS is one of 2 TOEFL test centres in Johor.
    • TOEFL is important for students wishing to enroll into university.
    • Parents could also take the TOEFL test to assist them in applying for jobs that require a sound knowledge of English.
    • 6 week TOEFL preparation course is offered by the school.
    • Only open for the RAS community at this moment because of Covid -19.
    • Every month we will have 1 TOEFL Test.
    • If anyone is interested can contact Ms belony to know more detail like timetable of  the TOEFL Course preparation and test.
  • Facebook page
    • Parents are invited to regularly check Facebook for important information and class activities.
    • Important posts include our SAT and AP results.
      • SAT results from last year performed strongly. 70% of our students scored higher than the global average.
      • AP Results were also highly impressive. 200% RAS students achieved 5’s on AP exams compared to the global average.
  • Elementary
    • Elementary students are adapting very well in this new climate with the RMCO.
    • As students wear masks properly, they are encouraged to take care of their own hygiene and are reminded of social distancing with other students.
    • Last week, Elementary students did their MAP test. The MAP test is a worldwide standard. Ms Anita has explained that MAP tests allow teachers to know which area that students need to improve upon.
  • Encourage parents to always communicate with school
    • Approach your child’s teacher if they are facing any academic problems.
    • We will provide translating assistance for any parents in need of assistance.
    • If needed Mr. Ian is happy to meet with any parents offsite to discuss any problems that they may have.


This was not discussed at this meeting but members should be advised that the RPFE account balance stands at exactly RM 16,079.30. 



28th August 2020

On October 1st & 2nd, WASC will be performing their “virtual” mid-cycle visit to Raffles American School.  This is a routine visit whereby WASC ensures that we are upholding our standards in all aspects of the school, and making improvements wherever they have suggested or implored.  Our WASC leadership team has produced a report which will be submitted for their review. As part of their visit, they will meet with students, staff, and parents.  For more information regarding WASC please visit


Mr Lyle’s Birthday

28th August 2020

On August 24th RAS enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration for our SuperIntendant, Mr Lyle Moltzan. His continuous hard work and dedication to all students, faculty and staff has always been first class. As a mark of our appreciation, our cafeteria and support staff created and shared a wonderful meal and birthday cake to celebrate this occasion. 

Happy Birthday Mr Lyle!




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