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Weekend Update: Nov. 4 – 6

The Boarding students had an action packed weekend filled with a variety of activities. On Friday evening they played the ever popular chocolate game, where students were in a battle for time to see who could eat the most chocolate. Students wear different objects as gloves and have to attempt to cut chocolate in a specific time period. The students were in hysterics with the pie face game that inevitably turned into a shaving cream fight. Check out the photos to see more. From scary movies to card games, the student nights were full of fun.
The weekend ended with a special treat from Mr and Mrs B’s home country, South Africa. The girls and boys really loved the traditional snack made of dough and butter known as a “vetkoek” that is served with mincemeat. The students also had the opportunity to make some of these snacks with the supervision of staff. A great weekend was had by all and the laughter and hysterics just show how important it is for students to have down time away from academic work.

Mr. Christian Choyce – Nov 7, 2022

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Stranger Halloween: Boarding & StuCo Dance

This past weekend was a great success for the boarding family as we hosted the Halloween Dance. This has become an annual event and has always been well attended by all students across the school. This year was no different as over 80 students descended on boarding to enjoy the show. A special thanks to Ms Natalie who coordinates, makes the props, and does the layout of the event. It was a great success this year.

Some older boarding students were also fortunate enough to watch some international field hockey at the national stadium in Johor. As I used to be part of the South African hockey setup, we decided to go and support the side in a tournament against Australia, the students didn’t know anything about the sport but their passion for supporting South Africa was much appreciated and they received an arousing thank you from the players after the game.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of boarding is academic achievement and progress. I am happy to announce that more than 50% of the boarding students attained a Term 1 grade (GPA) that put them on the Principal’s list or Honor roll. This is remarkable that more than half of the boarding house is achieving a GPA of over 3.30. A warm congratulations to all the students on such success.

Mr. Christian Choyce – Oct 31, 2022

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#ICYMI  Term 1 Fun!

This weekend the students at boarding had an exciting and fun-filled time with various activities by our awesome staff Mr. and Mrs B.
Friday started with a pizza party which the students enjoyed downstairs while interacting with each other.
The rest of the weekend entailed face painting fun, a great 90s quiz to see what students knew about life in the 90s and if they could guess some old technology like a fax machine or telephone. There was huge laughter with some of the answers. The winners were given some bubble tea as a reward.
Students also played basketball and got some fresh air in the double gym. What’s great to see is that regardless of age or gender the students included everyone and that is what boarding is about… A community learning to respect and engage each other.

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This past weekend we took students to X Park Adventure for some friendly competition in paintball and go-karting. It was a fun day and students enjoyed being off campus and spending time with one another having fun. Scheduled time away from academics can be as good for information processing and retention as studying is. Our students possess some great emotional intelligence and it’s important to harness this with off campus activities and events.

Chris Choyce
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Mooncakes in Boarding

We are lucky to have such caring and loving parents! Today a few of our Raffles’ moms met in Boarding to make and hand out homemade mooncakes for students. Such a fun way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together!

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Excursion to EnerGX

Saturday, August 27th

On Saturday boarding students enjoyed their first big trip to EnerG X Park at Sunway Big Box! Once a month Mr. Chris, Raffles’ Director of Boarding, schedules fun excursions for our students. With the endless love and care he and Ms. Nat provide, it is easy to see how they are considered the Boarding Parents. Our modern, and spacious boarding facilities create a home-away-from-home residential experience for all our students.

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Message from the Director of Boarding

This semester has been fruitful here at Boarding. Our teachers at Raffles do a phenomenal holistically serving students throughout the academic year, and some of our faculty choose to live on campus as Resident Assistants. Our RAs this year may be the best we have had yet! When on duty, faculty facilitate study hours, keep students accountable to the boarding nightly schedule, and most importantly, prepare events and activities for students to attend on the weekends.

We love celebrating birthdays and just had a party with cake for all of the August birthdays this past week. Suffice it to say, our students enjoyed the cake almost as much as the fellowship.

As teachers are presenting marks for student work, I’ll be monitoring each of their progress and provide support as a tutor if needed. Academic growth as well as emotional support to get through those gloomy days, are the top priorities. 

Our boarding students are doing really well and there is a sense of authentic community this year. It is a pleasure to be around every one of our students.

Chris Choyce



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