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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, where Muslims do not eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk. In this holy month, it is believed that God blesses more than usual to those who perform good deeds, like being kind to everyone, helping those in need, and performing religious duties. The purpose of fasting is to feel thankful for the blessings we’re able to have and to have a closer connection to God. The author, Asma Mobin-Uddin, depicts Ramadan in perfect light, “It is a month of fasting, forgiveness, mercy, and charity”. While young Muslims are not obliged to commit to fasting like adults, they can do it to get into the habit of fasting for when they reach puberty. Leena, a young, Muslim girl, falls into this case. Read on to learn about her story.

Book summary:

Leena excitedly twirls into the kitchen towards her mom with a large invitation letter. She tells her mom, Mrs. Ahmad, would really like to go to her friend Julia’s birthday party next Friday because they’re going to have a pony to ride on. Her mom, with a changed expression, looks at Leena and says that the party will also fall on the first Friday of Ramadan. Leena still insisted on going and promised she would be fasting, but could not miss riding on the pony. Her mom, initially worrying that Leena would get tired, eventually agreed on going to the party. 

When dropping off Leena at Julia’s house, Mrs. Ahmad tells Julia’s mother, Mrs. Bernard, that she is fasting and can’t eat or drink anything during the fasting period. Mrs. Bernard was even more surprised that Leena can’t drink water until the sun sets. 

Leena runs off with her friends to the backyard where there was a queue to ride on the pony. She could hardly wait, and when it was her turn, she stroked its soft fur. She climbed on its back and felt that riding on it made her feel like a princess. Once everyone got their pony ride, they all played tag and chatted with each other under the warm sunshine. The games, warmth of the sun, and chatter made them feel thirsty and went to have some lemonade. Leena remembered she was fasting but did not care that she was missing out and went to ride on the swing instead. Although after a while, she did think that cold lemonade sounded nice and told herself she would ask her mom for some for iftar

Leena and her friends went inside and as everyone sat around the table to have chocolate cake, Julia stood with Leena, telling her she would stay with her instead. Leena told her to not miss out, then went to the couch in the living room and laid down, eventually falling asleep after a long, hot day. 

Light beamed and chatter sounded from the kitchen. Leena woke up and found herself on her own living room couch. Her dad greeted her and said that it is almost time for iftar, asking for her help to open the dates. 

After opening the dates and setting up the table, it was time for Leena and her family to finally break their fast. Leena felt relieved once she ate the sweet, tart dates and drank cold water. They then went and performed maghrib prayer before having dinner. As they were having dessert, the doorbell rang. Mrs. Ahmad opened the door and found it was Julia’s family, who came with the chocolate cake from the party. Mrs. Ahmad invited them inside and Leena introduced everyone and then went to play all night with Julia and her little sister. 

After a long day and joyful night, Leena felt thankful for the blessings she had received, like enjoying the company of her friends and family and eating delicious food after a day of fasting.

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