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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

The goal of RAS’s English Language programs is to foster linguistic development in students whose primary language is not English. English is the official language of Raffles American School, and these programs are designed to equip our students with the language and linguistic strategies to succeed both academically and socially in a rigorous English-instruction environment.

Raffles American School offers two English Language programs: The first is the English Immersion Program (EIP), which provides intensive instruction to beginning English learners (Grades 3-10). The second program is the English Language Learning (ELL) program, which supports the student’s classroom education with additional English support by our ELL certified teachers for Kindergarten through Grade 10.

English Immersion Program (EIP) is an exciting program where students are given an opportunity to develop their English in a rigorous and immersive environment here in our school community. Through the EIP program, students will take their fundamental skills in English and grow to a level of fluency to meet the level of English required for the mainstream classrooms taught by our native English speaking teachers.

While in the EIP program, studies will revolve around English, but in relation to the core school subjects taught in the mainstream classroom such as Math, Science, History, and more. This is to develop the vocabulary and English skills necessary to succeed as a student and a young adult with us at RAS. The EIP program is offered for students Grade 3-10.

After graduation from the EIP program, students will be prepared for their academic studies in English and will join the mainstream classrooms.

English Language Learning (ELL) students are expected to make at least one-and-a-half year’s academic growth in one year’s time, and their progress is tracked by multiple assessments, including formal tests, standard-based grades, and student portfolios. Students are expected to reach a level of fluency to exit this program within 1-5 years.

The ELL program is a great opportunity to continue improving a student’s English abilities in the English speaking classroom. In the ELL program, students will experience additional support from qualified English Language Learning teachers, as well as attend a specialized English class catered toward students still learning the English language.

New students will have an initial assessment during the admissions process for accurate placement in our English speaking classrooms. During the school year, both EIP and ELL students are assessed three or four times using internationally-recognized examinations, such as the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), WIDA placement and progress tests, and MAP tests. We also integrate other methods to track progress, such as developing student portfolios, oral running records, and teacher observations.

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