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Mike Cooke grew up in a small town on the eastern coast of Canada: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. As a child his parents had a difficult time with him. He was slow to learn to read, and never wanted to travel further than a ten minute trip outside his home. Which is why it was utterly surprising to them when he moved across the world to Beijing, on his first flight ever, to teach English to students abroad. That is, however, getting ahead of ourselves. Prior to that he attended the University of New Brunswick, and received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. After which he went abroad. He taught all ages from 2-18 in his nine years in Beijing. He pulled his way across teaching kindergarten, after school elementary, Drama, and secondary school. In his third year in teaching secondary school he received his PGCE focused in international education from the University of Nottingham while working. He also started teaching AP language and composition. Mike is coming to Raffles American School extremely excited to be in a new place, but dealing with very familiar students.   

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