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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

There are five boarding houses each with five floors of accommodation. Each floor has eleven to thirteen dormitories in which there is a double room for two students if need be. However, for the foreseeable future each dormitory will accommodate one student only. Each dormitory has comfortable beds, linens on request, a personal safe, desk, chair, notice board, as well as an air conditioner. 

On each floor, there is a cosy common room fitted with a television that has satellite channels, comfortable seating and bean bags. This common area is only for the students residing on that particular floor. Each floor has bathrooms with private showers and sinks.

On the first floor of every boarding house is a larger common area with a fridge and small kitchenette for students to make their own snacks if needed. On the ground floor is a state-of-the-art common space for students from the different boarding houses to socialize and interact. The ground floor common area links all the boarding houses. This area is fitted with televisions, recreational activities, such as table tennis, foosball, etc. There is also a “grab and go bar” on the ground floor that will serve healthy snacks and drinks. Each boarding house is single gender, and students may not visit the other boarding house. The ground floor will act as the social area for girls and boys to meet and interact. Access to the boarding facility is controlled by individual key cards for each student. There is also dedicated security on the ground floor to monitor the access.

Each floor in every boarding house is monitored by a qualified Resident Assistant (RA), a staff member who lives in an apartment on the floor so that there is always staff available for students in case of emergency. There is a dedicated RA on duty every night to monitor routines and offer guidance. The Boarding Director also lives in the boarding house.

There is WIFI throughout the boarding facility that only boarding students may access. Boarding students also have access to all the facilities on campus.