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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

The aim of the Boarding Program at Raffles American School is to provide each student with a safe, nurturing environment that allows them to build upon their own character strengths, while challenging them to become holistic, lifelong learners. We apply this principle in both our junior and senior boarding programs, guiding students ages 8 to 19 through their development into well-balanced young adults ready to take on the challenges of university life and beyond.

The Junior Boarding Program follows a philosophy of “Learning through Play” whereby students partake in specially designed activities that help to foster the Building Blocks of the Junior Boarding Program: Academic Development, Home Away from Home, Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Cognitive Development and Community. In Junior Boarding, we actively promote self-discipline, constructive communication and seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth. With the understanding that a boarding program does not replace, but rather supplements, the support of each students’ family, boarding staff and parents work together to promote positive growth and development, ensuring that students learn critical skills that will help them excel in and out of the classroom. Upon leaving junior boarding, students will have gained the independence, creativity and skills necessary to be successful in their early years, and prepared for the greater responsibility that comes with secondary school and our Senior Boarding Program.

Our Senior Boarding Program follows the “Six Pillars” of the Senior Boarding: Community, Self-Awareness, Home away from Home, Independence and Accountability, Academic Achievement, Caring and Nurturing Environment. These pillars form the foundation of the skills and values we teach each child, allow them to realize and harness their academic potential and become global citizens. Senior Boarding students are expected to demonstrate empathy towards their community and their fellow peers; exhibit critical thinking skills that allow them to troubleshoot problems and challenges; develop self-awareness of their own strengths and character; show accountability for their decisions and understand there is a reaction to all actions; and gain a level of maturity that allows them to be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for college and beyond. 

In both our Junior and Senior Boarding programs, the RAS Boarding motto of, “Live.Learn.Play” is a part of all that we do. At RAS boarding, we Live. as part of a supportive community, Learn. academically, socially and emotionally through all we do and incorporate Play. into every day, as we teach students to balance responsibility and enjoyment of life.