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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Boarding Leadership

Christian Choyce
Boarding Director

Mr. Christian Choyce has been in education for 13 years and has a degree in Education. His teaching experience includes History, Business Studies and Geography. He has been involved with boarding facilities for the majority of his schooling and professional career. Chris has been a head of department, head of a boarding facility, and a grade head. He is married to Natalie whom he has known since Grade 1 and she is a Pre-K teacher. Guiding and nurturing children’s development is a passion, a calling and a pleasure for Chris.

Kerry Wait
Head Junior Boarding

Mr Kerry Wait has been in education for over 14 years. He has spent his entire teaching career in South Africa, at one of South Africa’s most prestigious boys boarding schools in Johannesburg. During this time he has held numerous middle and senior management positions. Including grade head, housemaster and most recently, Director of Discipline. Mr Wait sees himself an extremely loyal and committed person, both in his personal and professional life. Mr Wait enjoys a health, active lifestyle and is passionate about running and martial arts. This is something that he actively instills in his own children and those that he teaches. Mr Wait also enjoys playing the guitar. Mr Wait met his wife, Heather, at school and they have been married for over 10 years, and have two beautiful children, Cameron and Rebecca. For Mr Wait, family happiness is the foundation of his motivation. He is a firm believer that strong family units founded on sound moral values are the key to successful schools, organisations and societies the world over. It is his goal to ensure that the junior boarding environment strives to achieve these values, and in doing so, provides the opportunity for the boarders and the school to achieve ever-increasing levels of success.

Heather Wait
Boarding Nurse

After finishing school Mrs Heather Wait started a degree in biochemistry and zoology, whilst still finding her passion. A friend invited Mrs Wait to see her workplace at a neonatal ICU, and from there she realized her calling in nursing. The following year she changed her degree to a nursing science degree where she was exposed to all different types of nursing but still had a love for babies and children. After finishing her 4-year professional nursing degree Mrs Wait went to work in a private hospital and into a neonatal ICU. Mrs Wait worked in the neonatal ICU for 12 years working with infants.  Mrs Wait has a passion for working with children and their health is of the up most importance. She is married to Kerry and have two beautiful children.