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Lyle Moltzan - Superintendent
Lyle Moltzan

Mr. Lyle Moltzan is qualified with a Masters of Education degree. He has also been in education for 29 years. His teaching experience includes Mathematics, Science, and Information Technology. In addition, Lyle served as a Technology Director, Curriculum Coordinator, Department Head, IB Coordinator, Principal, and School Director. He started his teaching career in Alberta, Canada where he met his wife, Rita. After getting married, they decided to experience overseas teaching and have not looked back after 24 years of International education. They are proud to have lived in Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

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Anita McCallum
Elementary School Principal

I have worked as a Primary Principal, a Deputy Principal, and Curriculum Coordinator and most importantly, I hold 20 years’ teaching experience, of which over 10 are in international schools. I have been in leadership roles for the past fifteen years. I currently reside in Thailand and have worked internationally in the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and in rural and city schools in Australia. I possess a Masters in Educational Leadership from the Australian Catholic University, and I am a visiting team member for the Council of International Schools. I have many interests when it comes to education, but I am particularly passionate about personalizing learning through differentiation, the importance of developing strong literacy skills and early childhood education.

Tyler Bishop
Secondary School Principal

Tyler’s life mantra has been “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Throughout his career in education, this has shown itself by his participation in competitive sports, by the numerous sports teams he has coached and the numerous overseas trips for students that he has led. He has always encouraged students to work hard on academics and then pursue athletics or fine arts with equal vigor. Numerous students from schools he has led have earned national recognition/scholarships in Canada. His undergraduate degree was earned at the University of Alberta, where he specialized in PE & Science. He subsequently earned his Masters Degree from Gonzaga University where he specialised in Administration and Curriculum.

Gregory van Goidtsnoven
Bilingual Principal

Mr. Gregory van Goidtsnoven (Mr. Van) comes to us with an extensive background in international education. With his Masters degree in education and 20+ years working overseas he brings to us a wide range of experiences from around the world. Having himself grown up internationally, he has a unique perspective on what it is like to be a student at an international school and as such is a  “Third Culture Kid”. With experience and certification in bilingual education Mr. Van believes that the more we enhance our children’s lives with diversity the more we enrich the world. As in his life and in his profession he believes in the  words of J.R.R Tolkien “ Not all who wonder are lost”.

Christian Choyce
Boarding Director

Mr. Christian Choyce has been in education for 13 years and has a Bachelor of Education degree. His teaching experience includes History, Business Studies and Geography. He has been involved with boarding facilities for the majority of his schooling and professional career. Chris has been a head of department, head of a boarding facility, and a grade head. He is married to Natalie, a Pre-K teacher, whom he has known since Grade 1. Guiding and nurturing childrens’ development is a passion, a calling and a pleasure for Chris.

Michael Christensen
Director of Admissions

After graduating from the University of Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English, Mike Christensen quickly went to work, rising through the ranks within a prestigious school in Johannesburg, becoming the Head of Academics for Grade 9 within four years. The desire for new challenges and broadening his horizons has lead him to Raffles American School. Mike is passionate about developing the skills and art of theatre within young people, which he developed himself while acting on stage. Mike is excited about inspiring the students to perform to the best of their abilities.

Kasey Strick
Communications Director
Hailing from the mountain town of Boulder, Colorado, Kasey has completed his B.A. in Communication at the University of Pittsburgh. Before beginning his career in education, Kasey worked in Denver, Colorado as a manager to a financial firm. As an artist by passion, Kasey believes in the importance of using creativity and critical thinking to find solutions in our everyday lives. Having a passion for travel and the outdoors, Kasey also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and camping.  With an a ravenous hunger of adventure and a thirst for life, Kasey likes to bring a positive energy to those around him, and looks forward to growing along with the community of Raffles American School.
Lennart Van Vlerken
Athletic Director

Lennart joined RAS in August 2018 together with his wife Ms. Ann McCormick. He is teaching Physical Education as well as Health and Life Skills to Secondary students. Lennart grew up in the Netherlands, where he lived until the age of 21. He was awarded a scholarship to study in Australia and has since lived in Curacao, Qatar and China. Lennart and Ann are the proud parents of their daughter Nahla, who was born in Shanghai in November 2016. Lennart believes that the main goal of Physical Education is to create lifelong active citizens. He aims to do this by providing the students tools to be successful. Teaching specific techniques and tactics, showing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, introducing them to a wide variety of activities and creating competitive and non-competitive opportunities are some examples of how he believes all students will enjoy being active. Besides enjoying teaching students Physical Education, Mr. Lennart is a passionate football player who also enjoys wave-surfing, playing pool and almost all other games and sports.

Rita Moltzan - Literacy Specialist
Rita Moltzan
Literacy Specialist

Rita is passionate about working with both students and teachers alike in the library. Her 20+ years of varied experience in 8 different countries includes work in admissions, journalism, as a librarian, a pre, upper elementary and middle school teacher covering language arts, creative writing and drama, as well as English and Social Studies in High School. With a Masters in Reading and Literacy and experience as a Literacy Mentor teacher, Rita enjoys opportunities to assist students in developing a passion for reading, writing, and poetry. She loves traveling the world with her family, playing tennis, yoga, making jewellery and writing.

Derek Winchester
College Counselor

Derek Winchester is from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. After attending the university of  New Brunswick for a degree in English literature and fine arts drama, he traveled to South Korea to teach English. He lived there from 1997 until 2011. While in Korea, he worked as a travel writer and photographer for the magazine “Seoul Travel and Culture” as well as administrating a photography club in Seoul. His last position in Korea, was at Kyounggi university teaching first year English conversation. He then returned to Canada to pursue a diploma in photography, a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in education. He received his teacher’s license in 2016. Since then, he has been teaching secondary English language arts, drama, Social studies and has been counselling students with their university applications in China. 

Derek prides himself in seeing things from his students’ perspective. He believes the best way to learn is by inspiring the students to find within themselves a connection to the material they are learning. Derek knows that the most important decision a high school student makes is to choose a career path. Picking the university that will lead him on that path will help to reinforce their chosen fields. He ensures that students have all the information and have researched not only the universities and what they have to offer, but themselves through an exploration of their own interests and personalities.