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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

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Faculty and Staff Contacts


Mr. Lyle Moltzan:

Elementary School 

Elementary Main Office: +60 (7) 509 8750 , Ext. 780

Elementary Principal: Mrs. Anita McCallum:

Secondary School 

Secondary Main Office: +60 (7) 509 8750 , Ext. 761

Secondary Principal: David Hornby:

School Counselor  

Mr. Casey Hammond:

AP Coordinator

David Norman:

Director of Boarding 

Mr. Christian Choyce:


Mrs. Rita Moltzan:

IBDP Curriculum Coordinator 

Mrs. Gisou Ravanbaksh:

Visa Inquiries 

Mrs. Evine Lee:


SAT and TOEFL Inquiries:

Phone: 011-10968756


Camp Enquiries:


IT Support:


Finance Department:

Phone: 011-10667105






Raffles Parents For Education:


Understanding Standards Based Reporting

A Guide to Your Child’s Elementary or Middle School Report Card

Tech Tips, Links & Resources

Dear Parents, 

This page will provide you with some useful tutorials on the educational software platforms at Raffles American School. Understanding new technologies can, at times, be overwhelming, but these links and resources should make understanding them easier. If you have any further queries about the use of these platforms, please contact IT support

Introduction to Powerschool

Creating a PDF Electronic Signature for an iPhone

Introduction to Destination Discovery

College Counseling

For secondary parents, we have included a wealth of information, including an AP and IBDP guide as well as our College Guide book and High School Course Handbook.  If you have any queries on AP, high school courses, and university fairs, please contact our School Counselor, Mr.Casey Hammond. For all IBDP queries, please contact our IBDP Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs. Gisou Ravanbaksh.

Course Overviews

Todd Bechtold


To find books in our school library, simply type in the name of the book you are looking for. A new window will open, and you will be able to browse our collection through filters by genre, author, subject, and much more. A small icon in the top left of each book will indicate if it is on loan or available. For more information, please contact our Librarian, Mrs. Rita Moltzan.