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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Nursyahidah Mohammed Suadi has been passionate about Bahasa Malaysia since she was very young. Her keen interest in Bahasa grew from being exposed to a variety of activities and competitions in Bahasa including essay writing and debate. These activities challenged her Bahasa skills and fostered her lifelong interest in the language. Nursyahidah received her Bachelor’s of Science degree majoring in Genetics from the National University of Malaysia. However, her deep interest in teaching led her to join a children's development center in Selangor. With 5 years of teaching experience through a multitude of education settings, Nursyahidah maintains the teaching philosophy that every child is different and has their own specialty and ability. Nursyahidah also believes that trust is the way to open up a child's heart and mind. Nursyahidah is excited to be a member of RAS's wonderful and dedicated faculty.

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