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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Mike Whittaker was born in beautiful South Africa. Full of energy with a love for all sports. Mike’s primary and high school education came from the renowned city of Johannesburg. Graduating from Parktown Boys’ High School, where he then studied 4 years to obtain my Bachelor of Education in Senior & Further Education Training from the prestigious North West University. Mike has a passion for teaching in the classroom and helping learners to unlock their full potential. The desire for new challenges and broadening his horizons has led him to Raffles American School. Mike is excited to inspire the students of Raffles through the power of teaching and the excellent facilities RAS has to offer both inside & outside the classroom. Hobbies include sports, fishing, motorbikes, hiking and catching crocodiles. The insight and personal growth which comes from experiencing new cultures, perspectives and people has always been his personal interest.

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