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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Kirby considers herself fortunate to have had many impactful math teachers throughout her early years and this is one reason why she elected to pursue a career in mathematics and onto math education. Kirby comes to Raffles American School (RAS) from the grand state of Texas, in the United States of America. She attended Texas A&M – Kingsville for her undergraduate years and played collegiate volleyball during her four-year tenure. Kirby graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and add on Teaching Licensure. This school year will commence the start of Kirby’s 10th year teaching mathematics to secondary students. Kirby has years of experience teaching students in the USA, Albania, and now in Malaysia. In early January 2019, she also became licensed to teach early childhood through 6th grade students in all core subject areas. Kirby knows the importance of making math class fun and engaging for students and goes to great lengths to build lasting bonds with her pupils. She works to connect student interest with the diverse topics covered in her classroom. Kirby is passionate about volleyball, inspiring her students with her love of learning, reading, or traveling to exotic locations in her spare time.

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