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Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis is Canadian. Her passion is teaching young learners to be collaborative and compassionate and engaged global citizens. Courtney is a Kindergarten Teacher here at RAS. She is also a Third Culture Kid (TCK) as she spent her high school years in Mexico. Although Courtney comes from Toronto, Canada and still considers it home, she spent 7 formative years at the American School Foundation in Guadalajara, Mexico as a student and then as a learning support teacher. She also worked as a Prekindergarten teacher at Surabaya International School and two International Schools in mainland China. In Indonesia she coached varsity basketball and baseball. She was also competitive swimmer and life guard.  Briefly Courtney studied Thai kickboxing and enjoys all team sports. Courtney enjoys free diving, mountain climbing and learning new languages and cultures. She has traveled to the United States of America, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Singapore. She is looking forward to learning a new culture and traveling more in southeast Asia.

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