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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Caroline Woodward joined Raffles American School in 2018.  Along with serving as a general and special needs educator for over 25 years, she also served  in underprivileged communities in a “Learn to Work; Work to Learn” program for three years. Integrated Here, she and her crew of 16 young men and women worked with heavy tools and constructed an 80-foot bridge over a wetland area, built a 14-step stone staircase made of rocks weighing between 200-400 pounds, erected a 720 square-foot greenhouse,  processed over 400 chickens and donated them to other food insecure families. Most importantly she helped build a community of trust and pride, and self confidence.

She teaches through hands-on projects and through the arts.  Knowing that a love of learning and of life is held in the creation of imagination, personal challenges, and meaningful work, she and her students have created exhibits in many museums and libraries all over the world.  She also is a musical theater director and has produced many shows. 

Caroline is a champion bass fisherman.  There is a nun buoy named “Caroline” after her.  By this buoy, she pulled a 64 pound trophy bass off the coast of Massachusetts.  She also is an award winning storyteller on the Moth Story Hour on National Public Radio. Caroline is proud of her family which includes two smelly dogs, two lovely daughters who are students at Raffles, and her husband, John, a first grade teacher at Raffles.  

Caroline’s certifications include B.A. ‘s in General and Special Education and a M.A. in Arts IIntegration in Curriculum Development.

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