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Adam Kanonczyk is originally from the small lakeside town of Erie, Pennsylvania. His passion is to
challenge students in their acquisition of the English language, creating a student-centered learning
environment, and to increase their global perspective. He was drawn to teach English as an
additional language because of his inherent curiosity for foreign cultures, desire to build cross-cultural
relationships and a longing for adventure. Adam has previously instructed English Learners in South
Korea, Thailand, Guatemala, and the United States. He has worked with a vast range of ages and
abilities levels in the realm of English as a Second Language. At Raffles American School (RAS), he
will be working with elementary aged pupils. He is a formally licensed English Learner Teacher in the
United States and holds a TEFL certificate from Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Thailand. Adam is
currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of
North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) and will finalize his graduate degree in December of 2019. In his
free time, he enjoys exploring new restaurants, frequenting the gym, enjoying nature, reading and
researching travel opportunities. He is eager to return to Southeast Asia this summer and immerse
himself into a new community and culture.

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