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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

RAS Carnival 2022

Come one, come all! The RAS Carnival is returning Saturday, May 28th 1-9pm.

Fun for the whole family! Activities include:  ATV Buggies, Laser Tag, Zorb Soccer, Exotic Reptile Zoo, Slip’N’Slide,

Archery, Bouncy Castles, Clowns, Arts & Craft Markets, Food Trucks and more!


Photography Competition: Animals

This term’s photography competition theme is animals! We are excited to see the student photos. Prizes for both the elementary winner and the secondary winner.  Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 25th.

Elementary Art Show

Come along to the ES Art Show on Friday 20 May to see some of the great art work your children have been working on this semester!

Friday 20 May
1 pm – 3:30 pm
In the gallery next to the ES playground

We look forward to seeing you there!

Secondary Fine & Performing Arts Showcase

Friday, May 13th – RAS Auditorium

You are cordially invited to The Fine and Performing Arts Showcase for Secondary School- ‘Renaissance’, taking place this Friday, May 13th at 7pm in the RAS Auditorium.
Come enjoy wonderful art and performances, and support our talented students!

Elementary Presents:  The BFG

Secondary Presents: Madagascar A Musical Adventure Jr.

Tickets available now!


Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run for Fitness and Cancer Awareness is coming up on April 30th.

Upcoming TOEFL Test Dates


Informational Coffee Morning

Raffles Parents for Education invited new parents for a special introductory morning meet with some of our long-standing parent members.

new parents
new parents
new parents
new parents

Book Fair

Stay tuned for Literacy Week February 7-11, with a highlight being our first Book Fair in over two years! We are Roarin’ Readers!

Photography Competition: Sunsets

This term’s photography competition theme is sunsets! We are excited to see the student photos. Prizes for both the elementary winner and the secondary winner.

Raffles American School Charity Golf Tournament

Come join us Saturday, February 26th at 7:30 AM at Senibong Golf Club. 40 spots are available to parents, students, and teachers. See you there!

Friday, January. 28th @ 7:30 PM

Enjoy a movie night under the stars! Hosted by. the RPFE, there will be popcorn and food trucks, we look forward to seeing you there!

Friday 3rd December 2021: Movie Night

2021 Study in Australia and Singapore Online Fair

8th September 2021
If you are thinking of applying to either Australia or Singapore this would be a good opportunity to engage with schools from both countries.
Free entry. PRE-REGISTER NOW!!!
Monash University Australia Bursary Virtual Information Day
Date : 11th September 2021 (Saturday)
Time : 1:00PM – 5:00 PM
Registration Link :
Curtin Singapore Virtual Information Day
Date : 17th September 2021 (Friday)
Time : 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Registration Link :
Uni Western Australia Scholarship Virtual Information Day
Date : 18th September 2021 (Saturday)
Time : 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Registration Link :
DiSCOUNT VOUCHER AWAIT AMOUNTING to RM200.00 (Valid till December 21 2021)
(Terms and Condition Apply)

College Board Information Sessions

26th August 2021
The College Board is running a series of Informations sessions in relation to international student admissions for the countries listed below. Use the link below to register for the event.
University Talks for students and families from Grades 11 and 12 to register for special University Talks for students and parents.


o   How the U.S. Continues to Welcome International Students, Fri, Sep 17

o   Study in the US – September 22

o   Study in the UK – September 29

o   Study in Canada – October 8

o   Study in Australia and New Zealand – October 22

Parent/Teacher Conference

12th April 2021

Parent/teacher conferences took place in the gym on Monday. Parents participated both in person as well as through Zoom. We continue to stress that parental involvement in their child’s education is key to a successful education.

-Mr. Lyle Moltzan

RPFE: Merchandise

12th April 2021

Last week, Raffles Parents for Education launched the official RAS travel cup and sports travel bag. One travel cup is 35 MYR; the sports travel bag is 80 MYR. At present, we have packages of travel cups and sports travel bags. The total cost of the two items as a package is 100 MYR. This package discount will end on April 30, and the number is limited, so please purchase yours as soon as possible.

All profits will be used as a fund for the Raffles Parents for Education activities.

-Mr. Ian Nenke

RPFE (Raffles Parents for Education) Meeting

6th April 2021

Secondary News – College Counselor, Mr. David Norman

  1. The AP (Advanced Placement) examination times at the school is from May 3rd to May 17th, at 8 am or 12 noon. AP exams of different subjects will be in these two-time slots. CLP Students who take the AP test online times include 12 or 4 am.
  1. In addition, the 11th-grade students have also received College guidance for University applications. Students in grades 6-8 have already made a small-class selection of courses, choosing language courses, art courses, and so on. Students in 9th to 10th grade also have elective courses. They need to complete specific courses in 9th to 10th grades, and only in 11th and 12th grades can they take AP courses. The course selection manual has been sent to parents by email and can also be found through our website’s parent portal.
  2. This year, our students have successively received University Acceptance letters. Our students have received letters from prestigious universities worldwide, with many from Universities ranked in the top 100. Universities that our students have been accepted into can be found on our website’s High School page.

Superintendent Mr. Lyle Moltzan:

  1. There will be a parent/teacher conference on April 12th next week. It will be held in the gymnasium, the exact location as last year. It is necessary to register by email to make an appointment. Parents, please pay attention to the email which you will receive in due course.
  2. There will be a graduation ceremony on June 5th this year. Due to the SOP, parents and family of our graduate will be able to attend the graduation on campus. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot open it up to the entire RAS community. If there are changes in the future, parents will be notified.
  3. The Secondary school will also welcome a new school principal in the new academic school year.

Elementary News – Mrs. Anita McCallum

  1. A new faculty member Mr. James Elliott, has joined our Elementary team. Mr. James will be supporting students with their English Language development, primarily working with Grades 2 – 4.
  2. Elementary reports for Term 3 have been issued on the last day of Term 3. The second part of the reporting procedure is next Monday with Parent-teacher conferences. I strongly encourage all parents to make appointments to come and meet with their child’s teachers.
  3. The SOPs continue to be a big focus in the Elementary School; children are getting used to wearing masks out on the playground. We are working with children to develop their skills to play and work with others, after the extended period of time learning at home, building co-operation and social skills are important at this time.
  4. Strong focus from all teachers on consolidating core academic skills and concepts. New unit flyers are being posted on Class Dojo from all teachers this week. These unit flyers help parents have a greater understanding of what their child is learning with key concepts, GLOs, and resources for the weeks ahead.
  5. Lots of exciting learning is coming up in the Elementary School this term; an art show, a recital, and the summer concert, which we hope to have face to face, Earth day, and much more! Make sure to keep checking Class Dojo for messages from the ES team.

RPFE News – Communications Director, Mr. Ian :

  1. Last year’s beach cleanup was canceled, but the good news is that we will reorganize the Desaru beach cleanup on April 17th. Activities include beach cleaning, beach football, and other recreational activities. At 12.30 pm we will also have lunch at the Tiara Desaru resort. The buffet cost is 35 MYR per person. Due to the RMCO, we encourage students, parents, and faculty to arrange transportation by themselves for social distancing. The school will also arrange buses for students who have no transportation. Students aged 12 or above can participate in the activity alone, while children aged 11 or below need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This activity encourages high school students to participate. The students will be able to receive community service hours, which is very useful for college advancement. A Google Survey form will be sent out to parents this week so that they can sign-up for the event.
  2. There will also be a movie night on the evening of May 12th. The maximum number of people is 100. Everyone is welcome to sign up. There will also be food trucks selling food at the school on the day of the event, so parents and children can go to school to eat early.A google survey will be sent out to RPFE members to choose the movie and volunteer some time to assist in selling popcorn.
  1. The school’s official website has also improved with more content in the past six months. One of the new improvements is in the resource-rich Parent Portal. In this portal, parents can find student handbooks, teachers’ and departments’ contact information, informational videos, a welcome guide, and much more. In the future, we will update the portal regularly with new content so that parents can easily access important information that is relevant to their child’s education.
  2. Parents are encouraged to pay regularly check the school’s social media accounts. Regular content is being published weekly on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and WeChat.
  3. The Parent Portal:
    It’s password protected, please request for a password from our school representatives.
  1. Recently, Raffles Parents for Education launched the official RAS travel cup and sports travel bag. One travel cup is 35 MYR; the sports travel bag is 80 MYR. At present, we have packages of travel cups and sports travel bags. The total cost of the two items is 100 MYR. The package discount will end on April 30. The number is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible. In the future, we will also launch other Raffles merchandise at the request of students and parents. Please wait and see! All profits will be used as a fund for the Raffles Parents for Education activities.

家协会议 – 4月6日


  1. 五月份有AP考试可以在学校考,或者在家里网考。 在校的考试时间为5月3日至5月17日,时间为早上8点或中午12点(考试当局将安排考试时间,不同学科的AP考试将在这段期间的这两个时段进行)。在家里上网考AP的学生考试时间会在凌晨12点或4点进行。 
  1. 除此之外,11年级的学生也接受了升学辅导,大概知道了他们想要去哪里升学,去学习什么专业。6-8年级的学生已经做了小班制的课程选择,选语言课,艺术课等等。9-10年级的学生也有选修课,需要在9-10年级完成特定课程,11-12年级才可以修读AP课,选课手册已经通过邮件发给家长了。
  2. 今年我们的学生已经陆陆续续收到了录取通知。我们的学生被
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