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Penyabong Beach

Penyabong Community Service Program Overview

Raffles American School students from grades 6, 7, and 8 will spend four days at Penyabong. And be part of exciting beach activities and coastal clean up.


Date 14th to 17th March 2023
Accommodation Teluk Gorek Chalet and Campsite.
Triple-sharing air-conditioned rooms for students. Twin-sharing for teachers.
Includes ● 4 lunch, 3 breakfast, 3 dinners and breaks. Free flow water.

● All programs as shown in the itinerary, with proper supervision.

● Transportation for all 4 days.



Number of Day Activity
Day 1 Morning
Departure from school and arrival at Radiant Site C (students should bring their own money for morning break on the way).
• Lunch and check in.
• Team formation and ice breaking.
• Coastal clean up and cleaning of plastic waste for ecobricks.
• Beach games with supervision.
• Wash up
• Dinner
• Indoor fun games
Day 2 Morning
• Breakfast
• Community service at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Resang. Includes refurbishing school facilities, painting murals and decorating classrooms.
• Morning break
• Cultural games with students of SKTR.
• Lunch at Sukalayar Resort
• Sea kayaking
• Transfer back to hotel
• Dinner
• Forming ecobricks – packing the clean plastic waste from Day 1 into moulds.
Day 3 Morning
• Breakfast
• Island hopping, snorkelling and marine clean up. Students will assist in cleaning up the marine ecosystems they visit and are taught how to catalogue the marine debris they find under the Clean Swell app.
• Packed morning break in between
• Lunch
• Building ecobrick structure.
• Beach telematch and free time to enjoy the beach/ocean.
• Dinner
• Campfire and marshmallows
Day 4 Morning
• Breakfast
• Pirates Treasure Hunt adventure game
• Morning break
• Wash up and check out
• Lunch
• Camp closing and departure back to school

Service to the community


This local school services the children in the Penyabong area, whom are commonly from poorer backgrounds. Students spend half a day here bonding with the school children and increasing their quality of life through action-based community service. Additionally, fundraising can occur during the academic year and the money collected can be used to buy supplies or presents to be awarded to Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Resang upon your visit.

Action-based service: Students will split into groups and work on refurbishing facilities located on site. This can include reorganising the library, adding a fresh coat of paint onto walls or decorating the classrooms with murals and posters.

Social service: To foster caring and bonding with the local community, students and local school children are paired up and take part in supervised fun games around the school. This allows the school children to better interact with outsiders, increases their confidence and betters their command of English.

Service to the community

ECOBRICKS @ Teluk Sari Environmental Education Centre

Plastic waste collected during the coastal clean up activity on Day 1 can be compressed and repurposed into ecobricks. These bricks serve as building blocks to be made into structures such as an equipment shed, upcycling the plastic waste and removing it from our oceans. The building of a structure in this way would be time consuming, so new batches of students can return every year and continue the work of previous years. The end result would be a sturdy frame made up of tonnes of repurposed plastic pollution. A win for all!


Beach Games

Sea Kayaking

Island Hopping


Pirate Treasure Hunt


Triple-sharing for students, Twin-sharing for teachers

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