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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

Learning with Raffles American School means your child will follow a rigorous educational program, which follows a U.S. standards-referenced curriculum model. RAS Curriculum provides a strong foundation in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Art, Music, World Language and Physical Education are valued subject areas for students to explore their inner self and learn multiple methods of expression while demonstrating the RAS Learner Outcomes. All subjects with the exception of World Languages are instructed in English. Raffles American School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, USA (WASC).

The Fundamental idea behind American education is the concept of educating the whole child for the successful realization of dreams and goals. The idea of a school environment where success for all children is actualized is a humbling challenge. We have been given the opportunity to develop not only a physical plan that in and of itself can be a laboratory for student learning, but the opportunity to develop a curriculum based on what we truly believe all students should know able to do, now and into the future. We have the opportunity and challenge to embed learning outcomes such as communication skills, organizational and research skills, and problem solving / thinking skills into our curriculum at every level. We have the opportunity to model, and consequently, to give students the chance to grow in compassion, responsibility, integrity, and respect. Our faculty will be tasked to use formative and summative assessment techniques to have students demonstrate these attributes in meaningful ways so that students are able to apply, synthesize, and create in the real world. We hope to inspire students to pursue their passions and their dreams through a multiple intelligence approach to teaching and learning, and our efforts will encompass the curricular and co-curricular domains.

Raffles American School is a learning community that empowers students to achieve their academic and life potential. RAS serves students Pre-K through 12th grade. Our rigorous and rich academic and co-curricular programs encourage student growth through a learning outcome approach, acknowledging multiple types of intelligence and paths to learning. We facilitate student success through collaboration with parents, a balanced focus on intellectual, emotional, physical, and social progress, and a profound belief that all students can learn.