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A Learning Community that Empowers Students to Achieve their Academic and Life Potential.

When housing our younger boarders we strive to make their environment much like one they would have with their families at home. Our boarders are in constant contact with the duty staff who offer their support in all aspects of boarding life. In addition to this, the boarding facility has separate, specially-designed areas for play, group academic work and activity-based learning.

Every age group has different academic needs. With our younger students, we offer a group study session where they are able to interact with both staff and other students in an alternative work space. Here they are able to collaborate and share ideas in a more relaxed environment with staff guidance. Through these study sessions, students learn how to work in groups and how to interact with peers and staff.

We encourage our boarders to be physically active, as a healthy body creates a healthy mind. We regularly plan skill-building games and outdoor activities where staff and boarding students come together to work on leadership and teamwork, and build the habits of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, our common room has several areas that encourage physical movement

Through our extensive and age appropriate enrichment programs, we aim to develop the sense of wonder that comes naturally to students of this age. Through individual academic and emotional guidance and support, we emphasize how students’ current actions affect the next step in their educational development, and encourage them to begin thinking about their future goals.

As part of our boarding program we encourage children to develop healthy relationships with staff and other students. Between the ages of 8 to 11, it is vital that students begin to learn how to interact with one another appropriately, taking into account how they feel about themselves as well as how they feel about the people around them. Between the ages of 11 to 13, we focus on understanding the peer environment and help students learn to work and take constructive criticism from peers. Through fun and learning at junior boarding, we foster each child’s individual and social needs

In looking at developing student character, we feel it is important that children learn the gift of giving to those in need. We encourage our boarder’s to become actively involved in their community through our well-organized charity programs. We feel that it is never too early to lend a helping hand.