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RAS-Bilingual has been strategically designed as an educational pathway for those students whose home language is Chinese and where students are in the process of acquiring the necessary higher-level English language skills necessary for matriculation into English-speaking universities world wide. Through the use of the U.S. common core standards and the implementation of best educational practices, RAS-Bilingual maintains the same rigorous educational expectations as Raffles American School.

The implementation of RAS-Bilingual will be targeted towards the secondary school and where students attending RAS-Bilingual will have the opportunity to acquire graduation credits while learning core subject concepts in Chinese. History, Math and Mandarin classes will be taught in Chinese, while English and Science will be taught in English. Through the dual language approach, we can offer our students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of core concepts through their home language while continuing to develop their English language skills necessary for matriculation into English-speaking universities world wide where they will be expected to pass the SAT examinations, TOEFL, and or IELTS assessments.

RAS-Bilingual students will have the opportunity to continue their secondary education and graduate high school with a “Seal of Biliteracy” which is recognized throughout the U.S. as a seal of approval for meeting the educational requirements for a bilingual education. Should a student of RAS-Bilingual wish to matriculate into mainstream RAS, they will have to pass a rigorous English assessment that will evaluate their readiness to meet the higher-level English requirements of that grade level and or subject matter. Although students attending RAS-Bilingual will have the opportunity to attend some of their classes in Chinese, their level of Mandarin will be evaluated at the levels of expectations for proficiency in their home language.

RAS-Bilingual has been designed as an alternative pathway for those students that may need additional time to master their English language skills yet give them the opportunity to start earning credits towards graduation. Students that are not able to pass the basic language skills prerequisite for mainstream RAS may be required to enroll in the EIP program that is presently established at RAS. However, should a student fulfill the entry requirement for RAS-Bilingual, he/she can opt for going into the program right away. For students who are going into the EIP program, this is a one-year program that is designed to assist students in developing a basic foundation in English language. Upon completion of the EIP program, students will have the opportunity to be matriculated either into RAS or RAS-Bilingual.

RAS-Bilingual is an opportunity for a smoother transition to an all-English educational setting. It is designed to ease the pressure of not understanding whole English language classrooms while maintaining the rigor of academic subject matter. Through a dual language approach, RAS-Bilingual aims to foster every child’s potential while building its bilingualism

subject matter. Through a dual language approach, RAS-Bilingual aims to foster

every child’s potential while building its bilingualism.

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Yes, If students continue through bilingual program they have the opportunity to graduate from 12th grade.

If students fulfil the graduation requirements they will be able to graduate form the RAS Bilingual program and will receive a recognized, certified high school diploma.

Yes, The RAS Bilingual Diploma is exactly the same as the RAS mainstream diploma.

The graduation requirements for the Bilingual Program are the same as the RAS Mainstream School. The only difference between the two is that in the Bilingual Program there are an equal number of English credits and Mandarin credits.

Students attending the Bilingual program will have the same experience as those in the RAS mainstream classes. They will have the same expectations and will be held to the same level of rigor.

Students attending the Bilingual Program will share in the elective classes held in the RAS mainstream school. Art, Drama, Dance, IT and Physical education will all be held in English with classmates of the same grade.

Students attending the Bilingual Program will share in the elective classes held in the RAS mainstream school. Art, Drama, Dance, IT and Physical education will all be held in English with classmates of the same grade.

All the teachers of the Bilingual Program are certified educators with degrees within their field.

Teachers within the English speaking classes are from the U.S, Canada, or are Native English Speaker’s. Teachers within the Chinese Speaking classes are from Asia and are fluent in Both Mandarin and English.

Any student that can demonstrate a skill level of 4.5 of the WIDA English language assessment will be give the opportunity to transfer into mainstream.

Students that wish to transfer out of the bilingual program can only do so at the end of an academic year. No high school student is allowed to transfer into a high school class during the academic year. All high school students must complete a full academic year before transferring in or out of high school program.

Yes, the RAS Diploma from the Bilingual Program is the same as the diploma received from the mainstream program, with an additional bilingual seal that shows that students have completed their requirements in both Mandarin and English. It is a certified and recognized diploma.