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Taking leave during the Fall Break and juggling a couple of options? Allow me to make your choices slightly more difficult!

So much to do, but sometimes a week doesn’t feel like enough time to really get your hands dirty in adventure – until it is Friday night and you only have two days of the holidays left! I have included a few ideas below that you can ponder over and consider!

1. Go Batty in Batu

In Kuala Lumpur? Visit The Batu Caves, 11 kms to the North of the city.

Discovered by European adventurers (colonists) in the late 1800s, the Batu Caves is the name of the limestone hill, famous for its many caves. Forming in the Palaezoic Era 400 million years ago, the limestone rock formation formed into caves between 60 to 120 million years ago during the Mesozoic, Cretaceous or Tertiary period. The hill itself is isolated and typical of the warm, humid climate Malaysia knows so well, and can be an amazing adventure for the whole family. (For the geologists out there, read ‘The History of the Caves at Batu Caves’, by Liz Price)


The Batu Caves comprises of three main caves with a number of smaller ones, and are considered an important religious landmark for Hindus.  The Cathedral Cave, the landmark’s most popular, is famous for its Hindu shrines and 100-meter-high ceiling. The iconic muti-coloured 272 step staircase leading up to the caves is absolutely breathtaking; not only for its sheer size, but, of course, the reality that you are walking in the steps of so many people before you – tourists and pilgrims alike.

2.Tioman Island

One of our favourite spaces is Tioman Island – it offers great diving, snorkeling, day and night-time hiking, good, fresh food and well thought out accommodation. Not only that but it is relatively close by as well. 

Take a two-hour drive to Mersing and catch a ferry to the Island. You will find yourself in a patch of crystal clear, turquoise-watered heaven. It is always special finding yourself in an area you feel fortunate to be in, and the diving clubs around have ensured that the area stays clean and that the reefs are well looked after. 

Been to Tioman already? There are other spots in the area worth researching – so have a look and enjoy the adventure.

3.George Town

One of the food-capitals of Malaysia is Penang, specifically, George Town. George Town is where some of Malaysia’s more well-known dishes can be found, from Wantan to Laksa, Char Keoy Teow and everything in between. Visit this idyllic city, enjoy the food, the artsy cafes and restaurants, and accommodation in century-old buildings, the history of which, is written on the walls.



4.A Night in Desaru

Need a quick getaway? Desaru, our closest beach in Johor, has some fantastic, well-serviced hotels that cater to the whole family. Desaru is one of those places you just need a day or two, some sun tanning, maybe a cocktail or two around the pool and some R&R before coming back to the hustle of the city.

Love your golf? Take your clubs along and enjoy one of Ernie Els’s signature courses. The challenging narrow greens, flanked by beach and beautiful water, will challenge the keenest amongst us. Four!!


5.Taman Negara

Do you desire an “off the beaten track” adventure holiday? Taman Negara offers a unique experience that you will never forget. Delve into the mystery of the ancient jungles of Malaysia, explore the tributaries of the Tembeling River whilst discovering the diverse culture of Malaysia’s indigeonous tribes. 

Traditional wooden bungalows nestled under the jungle canopy, complete with air conditioning, offers an exclusive environment for you to enjoy nature’s playground. Be enchanted by regular sightings of tapirs, elephants, monster “Kelah Fish” and the rare glimpse of the endangered Malaysian tiger. Then dine like a king, under the stars on a floating river barge restaurant.


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Taking leave during the Fall Break and juggling a couple…
Taking leave during the Fall Break and juggling a couple…